Alterna Bamboo Blowout Kit Boho Waves

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Alterna Bamboo Blowout Kit Boho Waves includes everything you need for a salon quality blowout at home.


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Sandra K.
United States
Sep 19, 2013
3 Star Rating
Ok But Not Great
Gave a little body/wave but not enough for the price.
Peterborough, ON
Apr 28, 2013
4 Star Rating
Excellent For Curl Definition
I have been using this product for about a year. I have fine, naturally wavy hair, but I need a product to hold the wave/curl. This product does an excellent job of defining curls. I spray it on when my hair is wet out of the shower, and let it partially dry. When my hair is still damp, I use a diffuser and I get really awesome curl that stays until i wash my hair.
I have tried the Sedu beach waves product, and although the Sedu smells much nicer (this product has virtually no smell at all), it doesn't define or hold my hair as well.
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Karissa L.
United States
Sep 30, 2012
3 Star Rating
Not The Best, Not The Worst
I have wavy, beachy hair, that needs some form of product to help define the waves and to control frizz.

I have used so many products before, mousses, gels, pomades, mists, but I have yet to find my "secret weapon".

This products says that you can use it on dry or wet hair, so I first tried it on dry hair. I sprayed some product on my hair, and scrunched. To my surprise, it actually made my hair wavier! This product definitely has a good "hold" to it when used dry, but it can make your hair sticky if you use too much. I would not suggest using this to transform stick straight hair to wavy hair, but only for touch ups.

I next tried this on wet hair. I normally get out of the shower, scrunch the water out of my hair, and then apply product and part my bangs. I do not brush my hair or else all the waves come out. I sprayed this product in my hair. The smell - neutral. I expected a fresh, coconut smell. It is not a bad smell, but it is not a "oh my gosh this smells so good" kind of smell.

This product definitely did hold waves and help with frizz, but if too much product got concentrated in one area my hair would dry sticky, hard, and shiny.

I have been using this product for about a week and I do not notice any build up. It does not seem to weigh my hair down. Also, it does not seem to dry my hair out.

I adore that this product is a spray, and I think the packaging is great, the spray top is very nice.

I do think that this product is expensive, but it definitely has potential.

I will continue to use this product, as I have a lot of hope for it!
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Atlanta, GA
Oct 1, 2011
4 Star Rating
Nice Smell, Good Shine
For normal to oily hair that is color treated I would recommend this, smells clean, like verbena, and cleans hair well without stripping it.
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Atlanta, GA
Oct 1, 2011
4 Star Rating
Fresh Smelling, Good Shine
Nice clean scent, verbena, I think. I dont think this would be great for dry hair but for my normal/slightly oily hair that I color every 2 months, this is great. I also have the conditioner and hair cream from this line as I like the smell and dont like mixing smells.
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Apr 13, 2011
5 Star Rating
Fantastic Shampoo And Conditioner!
I have a very sensitive scalp and have been using Head & Shoulders shampoo for many years. I was in search for a shampoo/conditioner that were more "natural".
I came across Alterna Bamboo Luminous Shine Shampoo & Conditioner and I am VERY pleased with how it does NOT irritate my scalp and how my hair feels. Leaves my fine hair full of body, shine and smells great also. Only draw back is the price. But would definitely recommend this product.
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