Abba Pure Moisture Shampoo

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Abba Pure Moisture Shampoo is natural solution for restoring moisture to dry, stressed hair and scalp.


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Jan 1, 2011
5 Star Rating
Delicious Smelling
Approximately 5/10 I became aware that sodium sulfate strips hair color and is generally harsh. So I set out to find natural shampoos without sulfates. I came across Kenra brand (which I love) but I also found Abba.

I purchased Abba Pure Moisture and absolutely love it. This one smells like fabulous mint. It's not peppermint or a synthetic mint. It's soft and lovely with a hint of flower. The lather is good but not overpowering and most importantly this makes my hair feel so soft and my scalp tingles. My husband loves to smell my hair and so do I.

Once I roller set and dry my hair is so bouncy and soft. I have just ordered the Abba Color Protect and conditioner and will write a review.
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Justin L.
Los Angeles, CA
Sep 26, 2010
5 Star Rating
Great Cause, Great Effect
When i bought this product, I was looking for a natural hair shampoo and conditioner. I couldn't wait to use this product when I brought it home. I have really thick and dry hair. I flat iron it everyday so I wanted to keep my hair healthy and add moisture. When I used the shampoo, I was surprised! It made my hair feel so great and light weight. I also used the conditioner which adds even more silkiness feeling. It feels so great! Totally worth the $14. This bottle does run out within a month though. The supplies go fast, but my hair looks and feels soooo healthy. So silky and soft. This is a great product!! I am so happy!! :)
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