Tigi Bed Head Cool Hair Stick 2.7 oz.

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
Tigi Bed Head Cool Hair Stick is the product that started the bed head look! Still a top seller. Simply creates texture and style by rubbing this stick into the areas of the hair where you want to style!


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Jan 27, 2012
3 Star Rating
Product Is Just Ok
I was hoping this product could tame my edges (chemically relaxed hair). My first choice product that I am familiar with isn't sold on this site. Doesn't really handle smoothing my edges as well as I would have liked. Maybe its better for spiking or something or not for Af Am hair???
Michael Ward
Apr 6, 2010
5 Star Rating
Simply The Best
I am afo-american and I do wear an afro. So you can imagine the tangles. I have always been on the search for a good hair product. This Bed Head was given to me as a gift 3 years ago. Just took it out last fall to start using and man was i blown away. My hair never been so soft and managable, and not greasy. This is the only thing I ever use on my hair. Simply the best!
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Fresno, CA
Aug 16, 2009
5 Star Rating
Lasted Me A Year!
No kidding this stuff rocks its affordable and has lasted me a full year now and theres still a little bit left! Best for its price, but for my hair its a bit too heavy... better for thick unmanageable hair. Doesnt add volume like some wax products. I still give it 5 though cuz it does the job, is super portable, and lasts forever.Kudos, Bead Head
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C.k. O'brien
Jun 25, 2008
5 Star Rating
Very Handy
I love this product. My brothers and I have been using it for years and it really gets the job done. If your hair is stubborn, bed head will tame it. Great for special occaisions, and doesnt get your hands all sticky. 5 stars.
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Jolie Ren
Houston, Tx
Jan 13, 2008
5 Star Rating
It Delivers!
its no lie..... if u want that bed head look this is it.... i bought it for my boyfriend who likes his hair a bit messy at the back, making it look like he just crawled out of bed. this was his favorite product. ive used it too.... for that "scene" kinda look. just better to kinda smooth it out in ur hand first. the first time i just stroked it against a few strands of hair which was too much. i love bed head products!
1 out of 1 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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