Remino Dry Wax - Soft 4

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Remino Dry Wax gives your hair a three-dimensional matte look with extra staying power. Hair has a "piecy" look without feeling sticky.


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Alexandria, VA
Jul 26, 2005
4 Star Rating
Great Wax
I recently cut my hair semi-short for the first time since Kindergarten and I was at a bit of a loss on how I should style it. When my stylist cut my hair she finished it with a spray wax which added a lot of texture, but the wax left my hair really sticky. This dry wax is not sticky at all. Moreover, I am able to slick back my hair (pompadour style) with it. My only problem with the wax is that it doesnt create much hold, so I find myself fidgeting with my hair often. Other than that, it smells okay, washes out easily and doesn’t leave my hair looking greasy the next day!
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Anson Ling
Jun 24, 2004
3 Star Rating
Dry And Matte, Just Perfect!
I have tried many waxes but most creates a shine that I do not desire. They also feel "oily" after being applied regardless of the time frame. However after this wax is applied, it dries fast and does not leave a shine which is an eyesore in my opinion. It holds great and has an attractive fragrance to boot. The only cons of this product is the bang for buck value. It cost $20US shipped to me and the canister was a lot smaller then the competition such as Paul Mitchell Dry Wax and the like. For $20 I dont think I will be ordering this wax again as I would be in search of a better alternative.
3 out of 3 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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