Lasio Rio de Keratin Cocolada Keratin Treatment Starter Kit

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Lasio Rio de Keratin's all natural Cocolada Treatment is the first at-home keratin treatment designed to give smooth, frizz-free locks for up to a month.


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Eileen R.
New York
Nov 23, 2010
5 Star Rating
Miracle Treatment
My hair was in desperate need of a miracle. It was, beyond frizzy, dry, and unmanageable. A great friend of mine told me about RDK Keratin Take -Home -Kit. i was not sure if it would work, so I was not so excited. Now I am home with this kit, wondering how can I pull this application process off. I guarantee you, it is the most simplistic, effective process. My hair is mid length and very thick. I used the entire bottle and began blow drying and finished with a Lasio flat Iron. The results are astonishing!!! I still have a sexy loose wave pattern in my hair and absolutely no frizz. My hair is easily managed with a blow dryer and takes only 10 minutes of my morning. I can promise you great satisfaction with this product. This will definitely be on my "Gift List" to family and friends.
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