Rejuvenol Brazilian Original Keratin Treatment with Collagen

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Rejuvenol Brazilian Original Keratin Treatment is a revolutionary smoothing treatment for all hair types.


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Samantha F.
West Palm Beach, FL
Jan 5, 2013
3 Star Rating
Did Not Last Long Enough
I started doing my own keratin 3 years ago because it's much cheaper than a salon and very easy to do. The problem is that since so few people do it, there aren't a lot of end user reviews comparing products and my experience is that there are plenty of duds out there. Rejuvenol performed decently but was not long-enough lasting for my taste, particularly where the frizz control was concerned. After a month my bangs were going frizzy/curly pretty early in the day. I'm in an extremely humid area, so this is critical for me. The two best DIY keratins I've used are Uncurly and Kinectin. The biggest disappointment was Keratin Earth, which lasted about one week!
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Heidi W.
Apr 13, 2011
5 Star Rating
This treatment has changed my life significantly. I have frizzy coarse curly hair and am astounded at the results. I would spend at least 25mins a day blow drying and hot ironing my hair. Now blow dry and go! It actually is healthier for my hair because i can go 3 days without washing and barely have to freshen it up! I'm hooked just hope it lasts!
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Jan 8, 2011
5 Star Rating
Save Your Money And Do Your Own Keratin Treatments!
This product works MAGIC! It took my 3c corkscrew curls and made them in to nice s-shaped waves. It's a very wearable wash and go look for every day! I don't flat iron my hair often but when I do I can get it pin straight and it stays that way all day! The only down side to this product is the awful smell! The directions do say to use in a well ventilated area and this is for a very good reason! The noxious fumes might make you want to throw up or pass out! I had to stick my head out of the window a few times to get enough fresh air.

So the neighbors may think that I am crazy hair is fantastic!
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Ruth B.
Pontiac, Mi
Aug 23, 2010
4 Star Rating
Beautiful, But...
I had done this treatment at the salon 4 month ago, I loved the results, my hair was smoother, shinier and less curly! This product will not make your hair pen stright, so be aware of that. The product gave it nice wavy look when it was air dried, and blow drying it got fater, however, it was suppose to last 4-5 month, and it lasted 6 weeks before I started to see the frizz come back slowly. So the treatment is pricey to be repeated every 6 or even 8 weeks for me ($400), especially when you know the stylist really only spent about $35 worth of products on your head. Then I find out here that this product contain formahydrate! The stylist told me it did not!
My friend ordered keratine product (Zene $107) I helped her puting it on 6 weeks ago, it left residue feels in her hair till it was time to wash it, but she tells me she loved it and it made her hair soft and shiny and smooth. This product doesn't leave that gummy feel until it is rinsed out in 2 days. I would have considered it just for that fact, but now I'm worried about what's in it.
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