Keratin Complex Value Set

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Save 26% on Keratin Complex Gift Set! The set includes Keratin Complex Color Care Shampoo, Keratin Complex Color Care Conditioner and Keratin Complex Infusion ($73.90 value) for $55.00!


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Susan E.
The Wild Wild West!
Sep 8, 2010
5 Star Rating
Everlasting To Save Your Investment!
I asked my hairdresser about this product before I purchased it. I had a feeling it was really going to be great, but didn't want to drop a lot of coin on something that might be just another silicone formulation with another fancy label that supposed to convince me it's something different or unique. I am quite skeptical - having been duped into overspending one too many times by the beauty industry.
She told me not to waste my money - of course, this was after spending over 300 on a keratin treatment. She said it was probably just another silicone product and to cool my jets.
So I did, until my keratin protein started to look a bit lackluster. Frizz was starting to slowly creep back into my life...
I bit the bullet and bought the keratin infusion and WOW - this product is AMAZING. Although it contains the dimethicone and other silicones that are so helpful in keeping frizz down, the product has a very different consistency to it and I have noticed that it's helping the frizz overall, stay out of my life! Next time I do the protein treatment (I do them at home now), I'll be on top of things with this great little booster. I think the hairdressers are not pushing this product because they want you back in the salon as soon as they can to get you to get the protein treatment recharged....considering how much coin they are raking in on the procedure, I can see why. No offense to my wonderful colorist - but I'm just not made of money!
Thanks for putting the product out there - love it!!!!
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