Keratin Complex Intense RX Ionic Keratin Restructuring Serum

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Keratin Complex Intense Rx Ionic Keratin Protein Restructuring Serum rebuilds elasticity and tensile strength to hair, reducing breakage in just one treatment.


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Apr 13, 2011
5 Star Rating
This is worth every penny, my hair is shiny, strong, and healthy after the FIRST USE!!!!!
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Apr 11, 2011
5 Star Rating
Miracle Product For Frizzy Damaged Hair
I have fine, frizzy/curly hair that is and has been highlighted and bleached for many years. It was literally breaking off. I am so glad I found this product. Not only does it seem to strengthen and smooth my hair, but it leaves it softer than ever before. It feels super healthy and for the first time in a long time (I am 41), it SHINES! Although I have frizzy hair, I blow dry it straight or wavy every day. The heat of the dryer activates this product to result in the softness and shine. I highly recommend it. It's worth the price.

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Apr 8, 2011
5 Star Rating
Love It!! Left My Hair Beautiful And Shiny
I have really DRY, Thick , curly long hair. Everything that i have used B4 has always left my hair very oily and flat, until i used this product. It left my hair full and shiny. My ends look super healthy. I just couldnt believe the results. I really love this product and its very much worth the price.
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Janet L.
West Palm Beach
Jan 7, 2011
5 Star Rating
This Serum Is My Secret Weapon
Best serum on the market. It is a little pricey but worth every penny. Gets rid of all your split ends and leaves your hair very soft and frizz free .
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Dec 6, 2010
5 Star Rating
Worth The Price
I know this product is pricey but it lasts a long time. My hair used to break all the time and it's in great condition now. This is a great product for those with brittle hair!
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Nov 16, 2010
5 Star Rating
It's A Miracle!
This is the best leave-in I have tried. I wish it wasn't so expensive! It's not greasy at all and it left my hair in great condition and I didn't have to wash it for 3 days.
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Las Vegas
Nov 15, 2010
5 Star Rating
Flyaway And Frizzy To Fabulous
I have past shoulder-length fine, thin, wavy-to-frizzy hair that has semi-permanent color over some grey, and I have been using the wonderful and life-changing Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatments over the past year. The KC Smoothing Treatments have been lasting about 4 months.

For some reason, this last treatment didn't last quite as long, so I found myself wanting an urgent appointment with my hairdresser, which unfortunately was not possible with her busy schedule. In desperation, I found this new KC Intense Rx product on-line, and bought it because of some great reviews that I read.

Well, this product is amazing! I washed my hair with the KC color care shampoo, used a little of the KC color conditioner, then towel dried my hair to 80% dry. 80% means towel dry thoroughly with one towel, then discard and towel dry with a second smaller towel. Then I started applying this product: 2 pumps into the palm of my hand, rubbed my hands together, then applied it to my hair. I started at the ends, and worked my way up towards my scalp.

It felt great, and not greasy or heavy at all, which is very unusual for me with my thin fine hair. I can't usually apply very much of any product. Since it didn't look like it was weighing down my hair, (and I didn't have a date that night, lol) I thought I would experiment, and repeated with another two pumps. And another. And another. Hair felt great, healthier, with body. Ok, yet one more 2 pump application. It still didn't feel like it was too much product.

Then I bent over and blew dry my hair, just blow drying with my head upside down, no styling with a brush. When my hair was completely dry, then I did a little styling with a brush, and I was amazed at how easy it was to get it to be smooth and shiny. Then I did some flat ironing of the ends to get them to curve under, and just some quick flat ironing all over just to make it all even more smooth and shiny.

My hair looked fabulous for the first time in weeks! And with minimal time and effort. Great shine, and body, and manageability like I hadn't seen since the first weeks after the $250+ KC Smoothing Treatment. Bliss. I went from feeling frantic because my next KC appointment wasn't for another 10 days, to thinking, well, maybe I don't need it quite that soon. My hair looked great the next day also.

Bottom line: this product worked GREAT for me, I have never before used another product that has impressed me as much. It seems like it is instantly absorbed by the damaged hair cuticle, and that it fills in the damaged areas. I still have to blow dry my hair, and brush style it, and finish with some quick flat-ironing, but then what I have is smooth silky manageable healthy looking hair. Surprisingly, it seems to last to some extent through shampooing.... even after rinsing out the shampoo, my wet hair feels healthier and smoother. An amazing product... it actually delivers what every other hair product advertises and promises!
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Kelly G.
Nov 8, 2010
5 Star Rating
Best Hair Repair Product
This product is amazing! I have tried every single hair repair product out there - this product has changed my hair. I end up using a lot of it because my hair is so porous and damaged. It sucks it up like a sponge, but the result is shiny, healthy hair. I had an area that used to break all of the time and finally it is growing in. I recommend this product to those with damaged hair!
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Washingotn DC
Nov 8, 2010
5 Star Rating
The product was so easy to use and totally transformed a clients hair that had been heavily highlighted and was fried and breaking. Loved it!!!
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Holly S.
Oct 29, 2010
5 Star Rating
Love It!
My hair dresser suggested the product because keratin treatments aren't meant for thin, fine hair like mine.
I was surprised the product recommends washing hair and towel drying (no conditioner). But my hair has looked much smoother and seems to have gained body.
It has looked the smoothest when I used with with an infomercial product (cleansing conditioner) and then the serum.
I cannot tell if breakage is reduced yet because I haven't been using the product very long so far. But I love it already.
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