Roux Fermodyl Ampoules Special Extra Strength Leave

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Roux Fermodyl Ampoules Special Extra Strength Leave penetrate and help stabilize the inner structure of the hair leaving it strong and resilient.


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Puerto Rico
Oct 26, 2010
1 Star Rating
Not For Me
My hair is wavy, not too thick/not too thin (I'm Latin) and it was severely damaged after 3 color removal procedures (Color Fix, Color Oops and Effasol...ouch!), so you can imagine the condition, lots of breakage, severe dryness, straw-like texture, and about five different colors. I tried intense deep conditioning in hopes of saving my poor hair. Everything from good quality reconstructors, masks, olive oil treatments, you name it. To cover up the mess of colors i dyed it med. ash brown. Right after the dyeing my hair, since it was more chemical damage (though the product i used promised to leave your hair in better condition) i went ahead and used this. Like the one star rating says: Yuck! that's how my hair felt. Sooo dry, awful texture, i couldn't run my hands though it, it was so tangled. No matter how many leave-in's, including Moroccan Oil (not worth the money btw) i put in my hair it would not soften at all. Now, i didn't see the word "protein" or the common protein ingredients we know: keratin, wheat, soy, milk, etc. so i don't know if any of the chemical name of the ingredients could be protein but i found out that my hair is protein sensitive, so I don't know about that. I washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove this and any other product residue and used a good moisturizing conditioner, and my hair was soft again. Not saying it's a bad product, just my personal experience with it.
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