Roux Fermodyl Ampoules 07 Extra Strength Leave In

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Roux 07 Fermodyl Extra Strength Leave-in Treatment Vials are for fine, limp processed hair. Builds hair volume, support and texture.


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United States
Dec 1, 2012
5 Star Rating
Lost And Found
Dear ladies, Many of us have tried products early on and some how or another we switched. Why ? Maybe our new hair stylist just did what they thought was best or a girlfriend just told you to try this or that. Well after a few horrible hair experiences, my hair was shot. Thin, limp and lifeless.. I remembered this product, I used it many years ago in college and I think high school. My hair was thick and full of bounce. This is a true product, that lives up to its long good reputation. It was lost from my armamentarium and now found!
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