Redken Blonde Glam Perfect Platinum

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Redken Blonde Glam Perfect Platinum neutralizes brassiness and preserves warm tones for ultra pale to light blonde locks.


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Celia V.
Chicago, IL
Jul 6, 2011
4 Star Rating
Great Color, Okay Conditioning
I know a lot of blondes feel that the pearl formula (retired) of this product is superior. But, I never used that one- just this. My hair is naturally medium brown with red/blonde low/highlights but is now in it's second go-round of bleached light beige blonde. Wish I had this the first time! I've used it twice in one week because my roots are growing out and I very much do not want to go in for any root bleaching any time I can avoid it. My hair grows FAST and it's been bad enough to need 2-week intervals of highlights to one month intervals of root bleaching. Redken's Blonde Glam Perfect Platinum has made it so I can successfully avoid such damage and properly go about at least a 2-month wait before root bleaching. Brassiness isn't a huge issue for me but...there's always some, right blondies?

I am NOT using the rest of the line as I find Tigi's Dumb Blonde products more mild and conditioning BUT I still got pretty incredible results. Since it's gone to market, I've been lightly using John Freida's Sheer Blonde lightening spray (roots only...don't want to over-peroxide) as directed and never had more than yellow brass fixes with it.

My first use of Perfect Platinum banished some tough red brass thanks to summer sunshine. I did not use very much of the product (patch tested on both skin and hair irritation whatsoever). The second go-round I made sure to part every dark-root revealing section and focus there. It looked a bit like I was in salon covered in (albeit nicely scented and moisturizing) toner. I left it in a bit longer than the recommended 6 minutes (about 8 total) after a mild sulfate-free shampoo/condition then a deep conditioning followed by PP on towel-dried hair. Smells nice, good texture, and that great violet color to combat brass. After this I sprayed my lightener on and voila: No more long dark roots. Now, it didn't look freshly bleached and had a natural-looking bit of root show. No brass, no two-tone, and even color. (It was after all this I put in the rest of my care products like Miracle leave in, etc).

Drawbacks: I found that using A LOT is much more effective than a small-medium amount. No fun. Also, even though it didn't leave my hair brittle or damaged I didn't find it to be "deeply conditioning" as the label suggests it is after a 6-minute treatment. I really do not think 3-6 minutes is sufficient but I'm sure much longer would also potentially leave hair dry.

Bottom Line: Great stuff. Just wish it conditioned as promised instead of mildly. It will, however, save me money and a possible chemical haircut from needing to bleach too frequently. It's definitely worth a try, blondes. It certainly helped the lightening spray efficacy.
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