Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil

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Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil is a precious blend of Moroccan argan oil which instantly penetrates the hair shaft restoring shine and softness while strengthening. Derived from the southwest region of Morocco, argan oil protects from styling heat and UV damage while creating soft, seductive, silky perfection.


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Nov 30, 2014
5 Star Rating
I have very coarse, thick, curly hair, and have been battling it for about 5 years. Recently, I got together with a friend who has had the same problem as me. He recommended this product, and at first I was skeptical, but I recognized the brand and have used it before and liked it. I used it after washing my hair with regular shampoo and conditioner. I then towel tried it and applied the oil while my hair was wettish. At first, it felt super greasy and gross, but I massaged it through my hair, and it felt as though a fairy just like came an bestowed my hair with life. My hair is super soft and very smooth. I just left it in, and didn't flat iron or blow it out. Now I feel super comfortable with my hair, and this product has literally changed my life. And it smells amazing.
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May 8, 2014
2 Star Rating
I bought this product with the hopes that I could have a new hair product to use over the summer so I don't have to constantly straighten. At first, this worked great; but after a few hours, my hair started to feel dry again. This isn't really Argan oil, it's mostly silicone and alcohol. I say to save your money, but who knows it might work for you
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Samuel G.
United States
Feb 18, 2014
5 Star Rating
Really Works
My type of hair is tropical mistreated by the sun and with the first application I could see the difference in my hair looks shiny healthy and smooth with texture and it smells great.thank you for this product.
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May 21, 2013
5 Star Rating
Detangler & Smoother
This stuff is a miracle in a bottle. I love it, I got my hair dyed & it seemed to loose its luster & was dryer. This brings it back to a lovely shiny sheen & feels great! I use it right after I get out of the shower & it is part of my daily routine. Love it!
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Feb 17, 2013
1 Star Rating
Save Your Money. The Ingredients Of This Product Translated...
Save your money. The ingredients of this product translated: 1) Silicone 2) Silicone 3) Silicone 4) Alcohol 5) Synthetic fragrance 6) Argan Oil 7) Linseed (Linseed oil is an oil that is pressed from dried flax seeds.The difference between linseed and flaxseed oil - Although both oils come from the same seed, they are treated differently. Flaxseed oil is raw, cold-pressed oil.Linseed oil is heated and subjected to chemical treatment.) **With any oils you want to purchase the oil that is in its most raw, unprocessed for, preferably one that has not be subjected to heat before it is placed on the shelf for you to purchase. Virgin, cold-pressed and (8) Fragrance 9) Yellow Dye 10) Red Dye Notice how Argan Oil is #6 on the list.....Silicones and Alcohol do not moisturize your hair. Save your money, buy your own pure 100% Argan oil and add it to your favorite natural shampoo that is not filled with junk that has been bottled and stamped with an "Argan" label for the purpose of taking your money while companies are jumping on the Argan train, does not make the product so this is not directed toward their site or company, this is directed at these "Moroccan Oil" products with little to no Moroccan oil in them. Stop by Whole Foods (or Whole Paycheck) or your local health/natural store and cough up around $30 for a 40z bottle of REAL straight up Argan oil and add it to a conditioner that is made with moisturizing ingredients and not cheap filler chemicals whose effects are only surface deep, don�t last and require you to purchase more bottles to keep your hair looking the same say.
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Feb 4, 2013
4 Star Rating
Sleek And Shiny
I used to use John Frieda's hair serum but after trying this, I'll never go back. It leaves your hair sleek and shiny without weighing it down.
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Oct 22, 2012
5 Star Rating
I usually never write reviews, but this product as well as some other organix products have changed my life by improving my hair. I am african american and I have the thickest hair you can imagine. My hair is coarse, and my curls are tightly bonded up. My natural hair is not easy to situate.
I needed to do my hair so I looked into organix products. I was very skeptical but I figured why not. I used the recovery mask on my dry hair and left it in for a few minutes then I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner i had. Once that was done i towel dried my hair and let it sit then put in the Moroccan argon oil, along with the anti breakage serum. I blow dried my hair and I instantly felt how smooth and soft my hair was. I then flat ironed my hair and that was the selling point for me. I used a CHI ceramic and I've done my hair before with it. My hair comes out straight but not smooth. I can feel split ends and it is hard to comb through. After using these products my hair was amazingly silky and smooth. The shine on my hair blew me away. My hair had body and movement and it not only look good but it felt healthy too. Everyone kept asking me what salon I went to to get my hair done and I laughed when they reacted to me telling them I did it myself.
Go out and get this ladies. You will love what it can do for you :)
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Aug 20, 2012
5 Star Rating
Life Changing
I started using this product a few months ago, and I have never seen my hair the way it is now. I actually use the oil with mixed chicks leave-in conditioner and the pair is sublime. If I just use the oil, it gives my hair volume and keeps it very light. I thought my hair was a bit too crazy with just the argan oil, so I use the leave-in conditioner to tame my hair and weigh it down a little. It's perfect. The drawback is that the organix product contains only a small amount of actual argan oil. That said, it's still the best thing I've ever put in my hair.
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Jun 6, 2012
5 Star Rating
this makes my hair so manageable and soft, instantly! i have been using it for about 3 months now and i have noticed my hair has been so much healthier than it was before. this doesnt make your hair greasy at all and it smells amazing. it is just perfect for taming my waves and getting knots out of my hair. this is awesome and im surprised it hardly costs anything. the bottle is really small, but im on month 3 and still have over half of it left, using every day with very long hair. Buy it! :)
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Jun 4, 2012
1 Star Rating
Not Really Argan Oil
Why doesn't this site sell REAL Argan Oil?? This product is misleading. It should be called "A Few Drops Of Argan Oil and a LOT Of Chemicals" Really....are you that desperate to trick the public by calling your product 'Argan Oil' and not offer 100% Argan Oil???
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