Kelly Van Gogh Intense Repair Caviar Hair Masque

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Kelly Van Gogh Intense Repair Caviar Hair Masque is a repairing hair mask for damaged, color-treated hair.


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May 2, 2014
2 Star Rating
Full Of Glitter
-the smell is nice, nothing amazing, but nice.

-for a mask its disappointing. it didn't do much for my hair (fine, wavy/curly, dry hair)

-its full of glitter. i mean actual glitter. like glitter glitter. as in, the type of glitter you use to make things sparkle.. after my shower i had glitter all over my face/body.

will i repurchase? no. the glitter is too much, and that's why i won't use it again. i can't even finish the jar because, well, way too much glitter, and i'm in my 20s so its not "cute". passing it along to a younger friend. (btw the glitter isn't going to give you a natural shimmer effect like the loreal feria conditioner in their hair dye.)

oh, and of note, if you do plan to buy this, be well aware that it is very very liquid.. i opened it at an angle, assuming that since its a masque, it'll be at least as thick as a cream.. and it spilled. lost like a third of the jar, tbh i was upset when that happened, but after i saw all the glitter on my face/body after my shower, my mood picked up lol.
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