ApHogee Treatment for Damaged Hair 4 oz.

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ApHogee Treatment for Damaged Hair stops hair breakage and rebuilds hair structure for six weeks. Ideal for permed, tinted or relaxed hair.


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Heather A.
Nov 12, 2012
5 Star Rating
Wonderful Product!
Like many other reviewers on here, my hair was so damaged that if I ran my fingers through my hair, many strands and broken pieces would follow. I could not even iron my ends flat if I wanted to because they were so damaged. I relaxed my hair a few months ago however deep conditioning treatments, constant trimmings and the limited use of my flat iron (to my roots only) did not help. I discovered this product after doing a search online on how to stop my hair from breaking and after reading many reviews on folica I decided to give it a try. Before I used this product I trimmed off an inch of hair even though my hair was so damaged I could easily have taken off 4 inches. I used this product exactly as directed and when it came time to blow dry my hair I used a diffuser attachment. I used the aphogee balancing moisturizer after the treatment but because I used so much my hair felt a bit greasy afterward. I washed it again two days later and am extremely pleased with the results. I can't believe how different my hair looks and feels! My hair is not breaking in my hand or on my brushes anymore and even the amount of hairs that are falling out is drastically reduced. My ends feel strong and soft. If your hair is damaged like mine was then I recommend that you buy this product and if you are worried about the results then do a test patch.
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K I.
Nov 4, 2012
5 Star Rating
Finally, A Solution For My Relaxed And Weakened Hair
I am a black woman with relaxed hair that is fine and weak and never grows past my shoulders. After much research, I have learned that protecting my weakened ends and restoring lost protein to the hair shaft is key in keeping the length of my hair as it grows in between relaxers. Aphogee protein treatment is the solution for me. Combined with wearing protective hair styles so my hair doesn't brush against my clothing, Aphogee has restored strength to my hair shaft and dramatically reduced the breaking off of the weakened ends. I love this product and have been using it for 3mos now. My hair has changed and I don't see the evidence of so much breakage that I used to before using it. It really works. I am amazed and grateful that I can continue to relax my hair without the tradeoff of damage and breakage.
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Kerry M.
United States
Oct 8, 2012
5 Star Rating
Awesome Product
I was sceptical when I first seen this product. I have very fine hair that is is colored and permed. I can never get my hair to grow past the middle of my back because it breaks off. After 1 use my ends are sealed and the condition of my hair is remarkable. My ends dried at the same rate as the rest of my hair because it was so moisturized. The smell is not that bad and the conditioner smells like mens cologne. I will definitely use it again and have told all of my family and friends what a great benefit it is for your hair.
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Sherry W.
Sep 14, 2012
5 Star Rating
I Can't Stop Touching My Hair!!
I bought this on amazon after reading numerous reviews. I was a bit scared to try it bc a few ppl said it made their damaged hair worse, and Lord knows I didn't need that! My fine blonde hair was fried ala Barbie doll by a salon and breaking off by the handful daily. I cried many a tear at my bathroom sink as I combed thru it....Ever. So. Gently. Only to come away with huge strands in my comb. And my hair's fine to begin with. At this rate I was going to end up bald. Not helpful to the self-esteem. I had tried all kinds of different protein/conditioning combinations, including a weekly egg/yogurt/honey/olive oil mask...which did nothing, btw. spent too much $ on stuff that had great reviews like Bed Heads Dumb Blonde "Reconstructor". Which smelled amazing but didn't work any better than the egg mask. This 2 step treatment was EXACTLY what my weak, brittle hair needed!!! It was easy to apply. Just get a spray bottle. Blowdry without manipulating your hair, enjoy the Ken Doll look, then rinse and condition with step 2. NEVER, EVER, under any circumstances, skip Step 2! Is it stinky? Yea, kinda. So what? If somethings gonna make my hair look and feel this amazing, it can stink all it wants! :) Today is the first time in a long time that I actually want to be seen in public. Thank you, thank you aphogee! I love you.
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Evr R.
Aug 20, 2012
5 Star Rating
Been Using This For Over 4 Years
This is easily the best split-end mender on the market. I'm African American and when I use this stuff, along with a good flat iron for styling, my hair looks like I came from a salon. I bet you nobody has more split ends than me, and my hair is normally super dry, brittle, etc, but seriously my hair "looks" amazing because of this stuff. Make sure you follow up with the balancing conditioner though because you'll need it to re-soften the hair. I also always use silk chi serum with my hair and I normally avoid regular shampoo and instead opt for cleansing conditioners. I've always had long hair, but this combination has allowed me to keep my hair 2 or 3 inches longer than I use to because it makes my ends look so much better.
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Jul 18, 2012
4 Star Rating
A Miracle Worker!
During the school year I tend to straighten my hair almost 5 days a week on top of relaxing it every 6 months. So as you can guess my hair is very damaged, I looked online for advice on what to use and a protein conditioner was highly recommended. When I went to the beauty supply to ask for it the only kind they had was this. It worked great I had such a bad problem with my hair shedding and I no longer do.I only gave myself one treatment and I have no doubt that it will only get better. The smell is horrible though which is why I give it only 4 stars. If your hair fell out when you used it it's most likely your fault for using it wrong. If you know how to read directions you should be fine.
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Jun 29, 2012
5 Star Rating
After reading lots of reviews, I finally decided to try this. I bleach my hair a lot during the summer and flatiron it at least 4 days a week so it can get pretty tore up. I used this last night and all I can say is "wow". As soon as I was rinsing it out in the shower, I could tell my hair felt much different. It just feels sleeker and more solid, its hard to describe exactly. Today after flatironing it, my split ends and frizzies are less noticable and my hair just looks and feels much calmer. It is pretty sticky and I'm not crazy about the way the step 2 conditioner smells, its very masculine smelling, but that won't stop me from using this. If you are thinking about trying this, go for it.
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Cheryl H.
Montgomery AL
Jun 6, 2012
5 Star Rating
Beautiful Hair Results
I've been using these products for about four years now and I can truly say these products really work wonderfully. I love it. On my to to the store now to purchase more!!!
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New Hampshire
Apr 15, 2012
5 Star Rating
I Could Not Believe The Results!
I found this product in Sally's. I only bought the 2-step protein treatment, not knowing anything about it, so I didn't have the balancing moisturizer for the 1st time using this product. It was really weird, combing through this sticky stuff wondering how is this going to work? Then I dried it onto my hair with a blow dryer being careful no to agitate my hair as it was drying, then rinsed the protein off and moisturized with my regular conditioner, Paul Mitchell. When I dried my hair afterwards, my hair felt so strong and moved like beautiful hair! I'm 50 and have been having trouble getting my hair to grow any more. It breaks off very easily, it's so dry. I did go back and get the balancing moisturizer and have used these 2 products once a week for the last 3 weeks, and I am impressed! I'm telling all my friends about it!
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Mar 18, 2012
5 Star Rating
This Works...but Read This First.
Aphogee 2-Step is a great product and can be kind of a 'miracle cure' for many self-inflicted hair problems caused by perms, relaxers, color, etc.

I should also note that this is NOT just for African-American hair. In fact, I've recommended this to Caucasians with permed and color treated hair and they all had great results when they FOLLOWED the DIRECTIONS.

If you don't follow the directions your hair will snap off. I'll say it again; if you do not follow the directions your hair will snap like kindling.

Why? Because Aphogee is straight protein (hence the smell). Heated protein has energy, which in simple terms enables it to unfold or uncurl its molecular structure, and that helps it bond with other proteins, like the ones already in your hair. This is why Aphogee gets hard when you heat it, but the heat is necessary for it to bond with your hair and fill in the damaged gaps.

1. Donâ??t manipulate your hair during or after it dries. It will be very hard and playing with it will break it.
2. When you rinse it out you MUST take your time and get it ALL out. You donâ??t want any of this left in your hair because it will cause your hair to break, as I explained above. Donâ??t rinse in the shower. Do it in a sink or bathtub with strong water pressure.
3. Apply a very thick moisturizing conditioner, like the Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer. Why? The moisturizer will soften your hair making it easier to detangle and style. Most of the people who claim the 2-step made their hair break off probably skipped this, or they used some other conditioner that didnâ??t have enough moisture properties. I know the conditioner is a bit thick and not everyone likes a very rich conditioner like this, but itâ??s important for this to work. Donâ??t worry, you donâ??t have to use it every time you wash your hair.
4. If you plan to make Aphogee a part of your regular hair care regiment, DO NOT use the 2-Step more than once every 4-6 weeks. There is such a thing as too much protein. Also, do this a few days or more before color, perms, etc. Straight protein applied after color, will change the color.

A few other minor things:
1.Wrap cotton coil or tissue around your hairline before you apply it so it doesnâ??t run down your face/neck. It can irritate your skin especially if you use cleansers with salicylic or glycolic acid.
2.You might feel a little tingling on your scalp, but it shouldnâ??t burn or be uncomfortable. But to be sure, donâ??t use strong clarifying shampoo or scrub your scalp too hard right before using the 2-step to avoid scalp irritation.
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