ApHogee Treatment for Damaged Hair 4 oz.

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ApHogee Treatment for Damaged Hair stops hair breakage and rebuilds hair structure for six weeks. Ideal for permed, tinted or relaxed hair.


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Kay W.
Sep 19, 2010
5 Star Rating
Ummm.yeah. Best Product Ever :)
My hair has been through sooo many "journies." In 7th or 8th grade, I had to cut my hair off due to extreme damage from my hair-dressers over-processing my hair (she would literally perm my hair every 2 weeks.) Hair came out. Went to a new hair-dresser, she cut all of my hair off to cheek-length (I was devastated). She was working with my hair up until senior year of high-school. Went to college, didn't know how to take care of it. Hair came out again. Cut all over again :(. It started to grow back. She cut it again! Three devastations ! But, she started to become jealous...so I had to just leave her alone. So I have been doing research on how to actually take care of my hair...tried Aphogee out, and its been wonderful. My hair is thicker (I have a thick grade of hair anyways), it's bouncier. Just great :)
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Katrina C.
Charlotte, NC
Sep 17, 2010
5 Star Rating
Hair Strands Everywhere Except Where They Should Be.....
This product is AMAZING! My hair started breaking off about 2 weeks ago. It was all over my clothes and sink. I started to search for ways to repair it because I knew it was damaged. It was lifeless and wouldn't hold any curls. I came across this product and went right out and bought it. The smell isn't what we're use to because most hair products smell really good. However, once you get past the smell the results are OUTSTANDING. I had people tell me the next day that my hair looked different or that they could tell the difference. I could tell the difference as well, it had life again. It was shiny, holding curls, it had bounce and it was super soft. Love, love,love this line of products. I purchased the protein treatement, the balancing moisturizer, the damaged hair shampoo and the reconstructor. Thank you Aphogee!
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Philadelphia Pa
Sep 12, 2010
5 Star Rating
Stop Breakage In Its Tracks
I love aphogee this is truely the best product I've tried so far my hair was breaking off so bad from this color I put in it that I had to cut my hair and I had long hair. I am a african american woman and tried all types of treatments and moisturizes but every time I would comb my hair it would break off so bad even after I cut it and I wasn't going to cut it again so I looked up how to stop hair breakage and came across aphogee and such wonderful reviews so I got my hairdresser to put it in the two step protein treatment and the 2 min keratin recontructor and I used ORS replenishing conditioner and my hair ia so soft and shiny the next day I put a little biosilk in my hair and every since I haven't seen any breakage at all. I wish I would've known about this product before I cut my hair but better late then never.
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Sep 3, 2010
5 Star Rating
Amazing Product!
This product is completely amazing! I am African-American and I have relaxed hair. My unrelaxed hair is pretty coarse but overall my hair has always been somewhat fine/thin. After a recent retouch, I decided to try stretching my relaxers appointments past my usual 6-8 weeks to reduce the chemical damage/moderate shedding i was expereincing at the time. Needless to say, this made things WORSE. My hair started to shed and break like crazy. After doing some frantic research for products to correct the damage, I came across the Aphogee line. I went to Sallys and bought the Two-Step protien treatment as well as the Balancing Moisturizer, Essential Oils for Hair and the 2-Minute Keratin Reconstructor. The Two-Step Protien Treatment in particular as well as the other items in this line have stopped the shedding and my hair feels like its getting back to a healthy state.You have to follow the instructions carefully and make sure to moisturizing conditioner immediately after applying it. Also you should only use it every six weeks since too much protien can make your hair brittle. You can use another brand of conditioner with not as much protien while you're in between treatments. With these products I have been able to stretch my relaxers longer without the shedding and damage. I am SURE that relaxing less often, using less heat and using these Aphogee products has accounted for the growth and fullness I am begining to see in my hair! I super highly reccommend this product as well as the other Aphogee products for anyone with damaged hair. With a little patience, you will achieve the results you want. You WONT regret it!
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Marie D.
Jul 21, 2010
5 Star Rating
Smells But So With It.
NO ONE is lying this product is out of this world. You see and feel the diffrenence the first time you use it. I have told my friends about it and the ones that has used it call me and say "OMG" this is amazing.
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Crest Hill, IL
Jul 16, 2010
5 Star Rating
So Far So Good
I just used this product today, and so far i'm impressed. I'm an African American female, and i am 20 years old and I have been battling with my hair for over 8 years now. At the age of 12 i had long, relaxed hair that was to the middle of my back. I got in a swimming pool and the chlorine had stripped my hair of everything. Since then my hair has been half way to my chin and shoulder length. but it hasn't been back to the length that i had before. when i went off to college my hair was very healthy and i decided to get color. just like the chlorine, the color stripped away my hair too. i had to cut all of my hair off and get micro braids. about 6 months ago i took the braids out (which I had in for about 10 months by then). my hair in the back was a little past my neck and the top of my hair (which i have been struggling with) showed a lot of improvement. then of course i relaxed my hair and now the front of my hair is breaking once again. i do not use flat irons. i roller set my hair once a week. I researched about Aphogee and the product line and decided to give it a try. I went from having the entire Cantu line which did not do much for my hair but strip me of the natural oils. So far i'm impressed with this treatment. the smell was not unbearable...but this process was indeed a messy one. i sat under the drier for about 45 minutes and washed it out and only about 5 strands shedded. i then proceeded with the Balancing Moisturizer, i kept that on for about 10 minutes with a plastic cap over my head. once i combed my hair out only 2 strands shedded. Now as i'm writing this review i'm under the drier for a deep conditioner. I use Motions moisturizing conditioner. i wanted to stay away from any protein conditioner due to reading reviews about protein overload. My goal is to get my hair back to where it was by this time next year. in 6 months i hope to see a major change because when i was younger i used Aphogee and my hair was very long, thick, and strong. i hope to get my healthy hair and length back. Sorry for the long story. but this product is amazing. I will be posting pics to show the progress. i've decided to use the product every 4 weeks because my hair is in need of protein.
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Brooklyn, NY
Jul 11, 2010
5 Star Rating
Amazing - A Must-try If Your Hair Needs Some Resuscitation From Terrible Damage !
OK, this stuff is AMAZING ! After a year away at college where I had no Dominican hair salon to go to, no rollers, no help, just a super damaging flat iron and a bunch of home hair color sets, my hair was completely lifeless. I have 3C relaxed hair which has always been strong and below my back. Of course, after bad hair dye jobs (done by myself) and no TLC, my hair was at my shoulders, with the bottom 1/3 completely useless. I was probably 80 percent sure I was going to cut my hair into a bob and start all over till I came across Aphogee on hair forums online. OMG, is all I can really say. Honestly, if this product did not amaze me with its results, it would have lost about 2 stars for its not so pretty scent and how lengthy the procedure is. I followed the directions verbatim and I was amazing. After the rinsing of the protein, I definitely saw my hair thicker and felt like I had more. After using the Balancing Moisturizer and my regular conditioner, my hair wasn't much softer or manageable, it was actually rougher. It wasn't until I took out my rollers when I realized the great effects of aphogee. My hair had more body, especially my lifeless ends. The strands individually feel stronger, and as a combed through my hair, very few hairs fell into the comb. I couldn't believe it till my mom noticed the difference as well. Ladies, this stuff is amazing. If your hair is really damaged, lifeless, and is breaking, this is for you. But I must advise you to follow the directions, be patient, and by far, be very gentle with your hair throughout this whole process. Thanks so much Aphogeee !!! If it changed my crazy damaged lifeless hair, it can probably change yours.
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Jul 1, 2010
5 Star Rating
Read Instructions And Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Nana G
Jun 1, 2010
5 Star Rating
Ladies, this is like the best product I've ever tried that actually works. In the past I have used so many different products both cheap and expensive, I've even bought and used products coming from the Dominican Republic when I was over there and they cannot compare with Aphogee. I've used Sebastien-3 stars, Pantene Pro V for women of Color- 3 stars, Mizani- 2 stars, variety of Domonican products 3.5 stars, Tresemme-4 stars...Aphogee=5 STARS. Yesterday, 5/31/10, I bought the protein treatment because I heard it was really good along with the other bottles and it makes my hair looks brand new with just one use!!! I relaxed my hair 4 weeks ago, the same time I bought Aphogee shampoo, balance moisturizer, Keratin 2 minute, and the leave in conditioner and my hair keeps looking better within time. Now my Aphogee set is complete now that I just bought the protein treatment and it looks like I just relaxed my hair when all I did was wash it!!! Get it ladies. It turned my short, coarse hair into a sleek, manageable, shiny, crusty edge free hair...lol
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May 22, 2010
5 Star Rating
Awesomeness In A Bottle
This product works reallly good, It really stop my brakage immedietly, In one use only I saw the results which were fantastic! When using this product is very important to read directions, also remember only use it if your hair needs it(protein). Please keep in mind, THIS PRODUCT IS NOT TO TO MAKE YOUR HAIR SUPER SHINY! this product will make your hair stronger, literly, which means you need to fallow up with the BALANCING MOISTURISER and is highly recomended to fallow up with a very good moisturizer THAT DOES NOT CONTAIN PROTEIN!!!. Reasons why your hair may get damaged: .Ifyou leave it for an execive ammount of time it might damage your hair .If you do not moisturise your hair enough, your hair will brake .If used with a treatment that contain protein your hair might brake Use it every 6 weeks, i think it also say you can do it every 4 but i radder go with six. Hope this help Have a Happy Hair Day!!!
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