Alterna Caviar CC Cream

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Alterna Caviar CC Cream is a miracle leave-in product that delivers 10 benefits in 1 easy step, leaving hair perfectly polished.


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Feb 17, 2016
5 Star Rating
Excellent All-around Product
I started using this cream about eight months ago after receiving a decent-sized sample from a makeup store. Right away I knew this was a keeper. In my opinion it does everything it claims to, and I really love that it has no parabens/sulfates/phthalates. A little goes a very long way so I would even say it is a good value.

Along with the day-to-day benefits of general manageability, etc., I have definitely noticed that my hair is in far better condition than it was when I started using it. My hair is breaking less frequently and the more vulnerable parts of my hair that normally break easily have grown longer than they ever have before. My ponytail has not been this thick in about 10 years. I used to think it was a stretch to call a hair product "anti-aging" but it makes sense now!

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