Nick Chavez Amazon Hair Body Building Spray

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Build body, style and texture with Nick Chavez Amazon Hair Body Building Spray.


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San Francisco
Jan 12, 2011
4 Star Rating
Adds Lift & Volume
I have fine, long hair, so what happens for me sometimes is that too much hairspray will just weigh it down. I've definitely found that the aerosols work better, as the mist comes out finer. This one is definitely the best one I've found when it comes to the finest level of mist, and provides a light, even spray. Hair is volumized, but still light and soft.

The Cons for me are - 1) You need to use kind of a lot to achieve that fluffed up look, and with long hair the bottle didn't last that long, 2) Also, the lift didn't last that long for me, maybe a few hours. 3) I'm really into the smells of products, and this has more of that old fashion aquanet-ish type of smell.

Overall however, I would say its pretty good when it comes to adding volume compared to the other products I have used. I go between this and the John Frieda Volume hairspray. JF doesn't have as fine of a mist, but is cheaper, and holds a lot better, although not as soft, and light of a feel as I would like.
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Dec 7, 2010
4 Star Rating
This Is
This is nice i like how it gives me volume and bounce.
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Sue S.
New Jersey
Nov 8, 2010
5 Star Rating
This Gel Is My Secret Weapon!!!
I can NOT live without this product! Good hair days, it's fabulous, but on bad hair days, it's even better. It takes my hairstyle and just finishes it and molds it, and it's not firm or sticky. I seriously can not get my hair to look like I want without this! Thank you Nick, for a FABULOUS product!
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