hair rules Volumizing Hair Spray

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hair rules Volumizing Hair Spray is a unique, multi-textural, all-purpose hairspray with super fine dry-mist technology.


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Alison L.
Aug 16, 2012
3 Star Rating
Works Well, But Extremely Strong Smell
Although hair rules seems to cater towards a different hair type than mine (mine is naturally very fine and straight), this particular hair spray works for all hair textures - mine included. The packaging is nice and light-weight and the product itself does a good job of keeping my styles in place. The main problem for me is the scent... it is SO strong and feels almost like you're breathing in toxic fumes if you accidentally get a whiff. I can only use this spray in well-ventilated spaces while also holding my breath. The good news is this only seems to be an issue when actually using the product. Once it's in your hair, the scent is no longer noticeable.
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