Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff 1.69 oz

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Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Smoothing Stuff is smart stuff for Dumb Blondes! Shine, defrizz and add the perfect finishing touch.


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Celia V.
Chicago, IL
Jul 12, 2011
5 Star Rating
Fun To Read, Better To Use
When I first found Folica (thankfully!), I had been looking for years for a product that smoothed down my frizzies, protected my platinum, and didn't make my hair look glued to my head. I previously had discovered products for all 3 symptoms...just never in one place. This was the first item I ever added to my cart: certainly because I wanted to try it, loved the description, but for the very shallow reason of nostalgia as well (and okay because I've tried everything and why not?). Bed Head used to be everywhere in my childhood, and after years of sampling different products it sort of fell by the wayside. Couldn't be happier I rediscovered it.

As others have said, it IS incredibly slick. But unlike most slick products, it never weighs my hair down. The awesomely fantastic Bed Head smell doesn't fade either (every friend has voted it best-smelling of all my hair products...even beating out the ever-popular Chi Organics line). With bleached hair being as porous as possible before it hits pure white, it's very rare for a product junkie to be able to healthfully "abuse" any line. Bleaching your mane is one of the best ways to discover exactly how much you know about your hair...and the reality of a product. Anything damaging will immediately show damage. Anything rough can even change your color. Heck, anything gentle can (I'm a folligen fan...I still get bluish tints sometimes). I've learned very well that too much product means nothing is absorbed at best, and I ruin my color and texture at worst. But abuse is easier than under-use and FINALLY I have something I don't need to flip out about if I get a bit much on my fingers. I hate wasting products when I have to wipe it off my hands. It's so light you can use a dollop, but so gentle it won't hurt to dip in a pinkie.
The packaging, in true Bed Head style, is indeed slightly impractical (the single drawback but not enough to bring it to 4 stars) but absolutely hilarious. The slogan: "Created by blondes for blondes. And every color in between" is a cheeky slight. Though I've only used it on my blonde, I would try this out for anyone looking for something that packs a punch without packing on gunk. Bleached locks take incredible effort and care. Everything I try feels like an experiment in "the perfect portion". It's nice to have one no-brainer in the mix.
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Mar 18, 2011
5 Star Rating
Great Product
Love this! I flat iron my hair daily and this smooths out any stray hairs, smells great and makes my hair feel silky. Love it!
Jan 14, 2011
5 Star Rating
Super Shine
This product is super slick, provides super shine and smells fantastic. Smoothes my fine hair without weighing it down or feeling tacky.
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