Rene Furterer Anti-Dehydrating Volumizing Mousse

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Anti-Dehydrating Volumizing Mousse - Strong Hold Rene Furterer Anti-Dehydrating Volumizing Mousse gives volume to your hair and controls the style. Prevents hair from drying and brings out the shine.


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Mar 10, 2010
5 Star Rating
Make Everyday A Good Hair Day!
Well what can I say - this product is simply amazing - does every thing that it says in the product details! I have very curly shoulder-length hair naturally, and it's also thin, so this mousse really gives it that va-vavoom volume that I need. Also, since my hair is curly, it's also very dry, and I had been on the hunt for an alcohol free mousse before I found this - this one isn't alcohol free, but it really is "anti-dehydrating!" I use it everyday and style my hair by letting it dry naturally - it's so great to have a good hair day everyday! I also use this in conjunction with other Furterer products for best results - all of his products are simply amazing!
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