Redken Full Frame Mousse

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Redken Full Frame Mousse exaggerates fullness. This moisture-rich foam builds body and protects hair. Redken's exclusive Bonding System provides long-lasting humidity protection that is easy to wash out.


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Oct 10, 2011
4 Star Rating
Smells Beautiful! Good For Adding Volume, With Effort, But It Doesn't Really Hold......
I like to try out a lot of different products, as I'm always looking for something better ;) If you want to know about my hair, see the bottom section.

Product quick take : REDKEN FULL FRAME MOUSSE (07) This is a nice, lightweight, mousse that smells so clean and fresh. It doesn't add a lot of hold, but adds some nice texture and can add some decent volume if used correctly (see tips below) and has no crunch whatsoever. Also, since it's so lightweight, I can actually apply this from roots to ends! I usually don't let any product near my roots, as it will make my hair oily and flat.

I applied this to my damp hair FIRST, so I could test its feel before I added any other products, if needed. I wouldn't recommend this however. Because, putting it in first made it hard to run my comb and fingers through my hair, thus making it more difficult to distribute other products.
I would comb in a detangler/leave-conditioner first, and any other smooth products, following with the Full Frame Mousse last. Think of it as a pre-blow-dry, "style finishing" product. You'll notice that as you blow-dry, (I use a round brush) your hair will get softer and smoother while you're brushing it through, unlike the slightly tacky feeling on damp hair. It DOES allow you to create big volume though!

Towards the end of your blowout, use a big round brush and roll it up high at the crown, unrolling the brush upwards and slowly with the concentrator nozzle aimed up at the brush, following the direction of your hair and then let it fall when your dryer reaches mid-shaft and finish with a minute of the cool shot while lifting sections of your hair. Finally, hit it with some good flexible hairspray (I really like Rusk Being Sexy) all around and voila volume!

My hair is : Fairly thin-stranded, but a lot of hair with long layers and it falls at the bottom of my shoulder blades; Blonde (chemically) with low-lights, has a medium amount of damage due to the highlighting, although the damage doesn't always show. But it is very prone to frizz and my hair can look so dry and "splitty" (like every set of layers is full of split ends) all over, even though I try to maintain it with regular trims and weekly hair masks. ("It's a 10" is GREAT by the way!) If I use the wrong products, or worse, zero product, it brings out the worst in my hair. My hair is very prone to oil so I have to wash it every day, and this helps, but it still can lose its look of freshness by late afternoon.

Final take : Towards my usual "late afternoon droop", my hair did kind of fall flat and I couldn't really do anything else with it. As a volumizing mousse, I would have liked it to add a lot more bounciness and hold, on its own and with less effort, and smooth out my hair more. Although it wasn't what I expected, I do really like it (in conjuction with other products) and give it 4 stars for being able to at least GIVE the hair volume, with no crunch-factor, and I LOVE the lingering smell! I can't stop smelling my hair!

Jul 12, 2009
5 Star Rating
I Can't Live Without Full Frame
I have course thinning hair. I have a cut where the back is blown up, sides IT WORKS!Please be mindful that a little (size of a quarter does goes a long long way...more than that and your hair will feel stiff and hard. When you use it, the next day, simply dampen hair with your hands and then reactivate the product without buildup. Visit with your hair dresser.Love it, love it , love it!Midwayusa
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