Nexxus Heat Protexx Heat Protection Styling Spray 8.5 oz.

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
Are you guilty of unprotected curling, flat ironing, and blow-drying? Then it's time to start protecting your hair during heat styling with Nexxus Heat Protexx Heat Protection Styling Spray.


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Apr 7, 2008
4 Star Rating
Heat Protexx
I purchased this heat-protection spray with a recommendation and high expectations (for the high price tag). I continue to have very mixed feelings: to put simply, this spray conditions, smooths, and softens hair quite nicely and has an appealingly light scent to it. However, with using this product alone on my coarse, curly hair, I found it to be too "light." Try using more? This spray would buildup in mine and others hair and become noticeably sticky. I would not recommend this product alone (look into a smoothing creme also made by Nexxus maybe?) but would give it 4/5 stars for the smooth and silky hair days its given me =]
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