MiN New York Form Styling Cream

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Enhance and refine your hair's style with Form styling cream from MiN New York.


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Virginia Beach, VA
Apr 28, 2015
5 Star Rating
Min Product User
I have used MiN Products for quite awhile. (Daily Shampoo and Conditioner, Secure Firm Gel, Form, Substance, and I own the Jetpack for travel). The shampoo and conditioner are simply the best for men. I use them twice a day, in the a.m. and p.m. after working out, and they conform to your hair perfectly regardless of your type of hair. The shampoo lathers wonderfully; cleans purely; and rinses perfectly. The same can be said about the conditioner. The product leaves your hair feeling light, clean and fresh smelling. A perfect '10'.

If you have short hair and want to spike all or the front of it, I recommend Substance. This product goes on hard and remains stiff. I you want a medium hold, go with Form. And if you want a light and easy hold, try the Secure Firm Gel. Substance is a paste, so it's going to be strong and dry hard. I use Substance only on the front of my hair to spike it and give me the modern look. I use the Secure Firm Gel throughout the rest of my hair because I comb it forward and want a fresh look with a light hold, and a clean scent.

Form is a medium grade texture, so mix an index finger size in your palm with a little sprinkle of water to smooth it out before you run it through your hair. This will give it an easy gliding and even spreading throughout your hair. It's not as light as the gel but it will keep its hold throughout the day. If it starts to give during the day, run a wet comb through your hair and it'll revitalize the hold. It also provides a simple shine. Nothing overbearing and not as light as the gel.

The Secure Firm Gel is the lightest of the three. I use one full pump on my damp hair when I exit the shower. Those two combined allow you to style your hair to your liking. It will dry to however you style your hair within minutes, so comb your hair to your liking after you apply the gel. If you do this prior to putting on a pullover shirt, either wet your comb to touch-up the style or add a dab, spread it in your palm, and rub it on the exterior of your hair all around. This will allow you to restyle your hair to its original look.

All the MiN products I mentioned above are hair color friendly. As a matter-of-fact, I believe they even help to keep the color in your hair. You pay good money to have your hair colored, so use this product to get your hard earned money's worth until your next coloring.

Finally, play it smart and when Folica periodically offers 25% off site-wide, take advantage of this special and purchase the 32 oz. bottles. You'll get a bigger bang for your buck. Stock up because that offer only comes around once in a blue moon. And you'll get free shipping if you purchase one or both (shampoo and conditioner) or another MiN product. They may cost a little more than you hope to pay, but your hair is important and it's the second thing people notice after your face. Invest in only the best!

And no, I was not paid to write this review for Folica or MiN. I only want the best for me. And you. Best of luck and enjoy whichever MiN product you choose!

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Allston, MA
Feb 25, 2007
5 Star Rating
The Best Stuff I've Found
I have used what I believe to be every single styling product on the planet in one of these types of jars. I used to use American Crew Fiber and thought that was the best overall styling product but MiN FORM is positively better. Why? The style lasts longer and it rinses easier and cleaner from my hair. Its a keeper!
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Less Thin
New York
Dec 26, 2006
4 Star Rating
Nice Cosmetically But Havnt Used Long Enough
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