Matrix Sleek Look Smoothing System Iron Smoother

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Matrix Sleek Look Iron Smoother enables you to flat iron faster and lets you stay sleeker longer.


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Apr 19, 2014
1 Star Rating
Deceptive & Horrible Product
The bottle looks all high end and fancy, as does the price- it's super expensive, which led me to think it would be an even better product. It say's "total results" on the bottle, but it's a total disaster. It has thick terrible buildup and leaves your hair feeling yucky. It really is a bottle of cement for your hair. Don't let the professional looking bottle and price tag fool you.
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Atlanta, GA
Sep 21, 2013
3 Star Rating
I have only used this product twice (one week apart). My first experience with it was fantastic, but I DID notice some build up on my flat iron. *Side Note: Ladies (and Gents), it is always best to wipe your flat iron with a lightly damp cloth after each use to avoid build up over time. It only takes a second.* The second time I used this, maybe I put too much. I did a hot oil treatment so I skipped a fortifying conditioner, but the first time, I used the matrix Repair strength pack (which my hair SO loved!). Yet this time the iron smoother acted more like spritz, falling in line with what a lot of the other users are saying. It made my hair feel more stiff, which actually isn't a good thing for my fine textured hair. I think it is still too soon to make an official decision on the greatness of this product, but I believe this stuff works best when the hair is deeply conditioned. A simple HOT isn't enough, or at least not for my hair.
Feb 6, 2012
5 Star Rating
Love This Product!
After reading the reviews, I am very baffled by all of the negativity and bad reviews that this product has recieved. I am a hairstylist (caucasion -for the girl that thinks it is only for african-american textured hair) and I absolutely love it! I use it on my self everytime I apply any kind of heated tool to my hair. It neither weighs my hair down or makes it stick together. I find my hair to be very sleek, light, manageable, and beautiful. It even tames all of my frizzies! I use this products on just about all of my clients whether they are african american, asian, hispanic, or caucasion. They walk out loving the product because I applied it correctly. That is the problem I think people are having with this product. It seems to me that people are applying too much of the product. Also, to the one that was saying the product made her hair wirey and what not, it isn't the product sweetheart. You have your flat iron set up way too high! You are damaging your hair! I recommend that you go and get a reconstructing treatment or a deep conditioning treatment right away before your hair starts to break off!
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Sara R.
Sep 20, 2011
1 Star Rating
Made My Hair Stiff And Tangled.
And I used very little b/c some people seem to report that too much is what makes it sticky and stiff. Also made the iron stick and tug. Not recommended at all.
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Kristyn O.
Jul 19, 2011
5 Star Rating
I Love This Stuff
I don't understand either why this product has gotten so many bad reviews. It has been a staple product of mine for years. However, after thinking about it I think I know what it is. I am African American, with relaxed hair, so my hair is textured. The Sleek.Look line is a smoothing line, and even though most of the models for this line are Caucasian, if you look at the adds, I think this line works better on hair that is textured, and coarse. When I use this product I blow dry my hair then section it into four parts. I then separate, and flat iron the strands individually, spraying about six inches from my head, this product. It makes a sizzling sound when I do it, but my hair comes out silky, light, smooth, and very moisturized. I think that if you already have straight hair this product may not work as well on you-- and you should instead try the smoothing creme or even just the serum by Sleek.Look, blow dry and flat iron if you're trying to achieve that "bone straight" look. It's not a horrible product, I just believe it works best on certain hair types. I'd recommend this product to anyone with hair like mine.
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Jul 18, 2011
1 Star Rating
Not Good
Do not get this! It makes your hair greasy even if only put in a little bit! It causes the flat iron to tug your hair and pull hair out. :(
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Puerto Rico
Jun 6, 2011
1 Star Rating
A Complete Lie
I was looking for a heat protector for my hair when I Iron my hair, since the market to out the one product that really worked for my long, thick, coarse hair. I go all around town looking for the the same or something like the old hair product that used to use, i walk into the best hair salon in town and ask the professional hair stylist about the best heat protector out there she recommends the matrix sleek, I buy use it that same night and i had to go back to the store and have her use it on me to see if it was that I used it wrong, when she saw the out come of the product that she recommended she swore to me that she was gonna take it out of her store, it left my hair dry, sticky and hard to brush through. She returned my money for both the product and the hair do.
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Amanda H.
May 24, 2011
1 Star Rating
Would Not Recommend To Any One!
The product is just not as good as you would expect . I loved the sleek conditionar and shampoo . They're amazing and defiantly worth it . But when it come to the iron protection spray it doesnt live up to its name . ha its quite horrible and there is much better out there. Ive found that i love chi iron spray or victoria secrets new iron spray they're around same price or a little less and protects your hair much better and much shinnier.
Feb 28, 2011
1 Star Rating
I bought this product at a hair salon because I was looking for something that would protect my hair when I straighten it. The woman suggested this to me, and it sounded great until I tried it today. It was absolutely HORRIBLE! It was like I sprayed hair spray on my hair and I go to brush my hair and I can't because my hair is stuck together almost like hair spray so here I am trying to rip my hair apart to brush it. It did not make my hair feel softer, it was the opposite. It feels really rough and coarse. No shine to it what so ever. It actually look me longer to straighten my hair because of all the problems I had with it. Thankfully the salon is letting me return it. I would stay far away from this product and I wish I would have done my homework prior to buying this!
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Feb 1, 2011
1 Star Rating
Do Not Buy
Its very sticky and doesnt work good at all. waste of money.
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