John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum Original Formula

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John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum Original Formula is a unique blend of silicones that smoothes texture while delivering a layer of crystal-clear gloss for perfectly polished, amazingly shiny, frizz-free results. Repels humidity to help prevent weather-related frizz & prolongs the life of color-treated hair.


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Jan 26, 2007
5 Star Rating
Keeps My Hair In The Straight Style That I Put It In!
KEEPS my hair in the straight style that I put it in! I love it. I only add it to my hair from the ears down, and just a TAD smoothed on the usual fly aways all over.
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Astoria, NY
Jul 10, 2006
2 Star Rating
Works The 1st Time
It works once. Use it again & again, wash after wash. Frizz ease has its day. I prefer other products. It isnt that great but seldom use may do the job...
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Brisbane, Australia
Mar 27, 2006
5 Star Rating
Worked For Me
Ive seen this product on the market for a long time now, and when I was asked to be a bridesmaid at a friends outdoor wedding and had to style my own hair it was one of many products I took with me to see what I could do. I used it exactly as instructed, on soaking wet hair. I have fine, straight hair, the main problem I have is frizzy flyaways, even with lots and lots of hairspray it would never stay put. This product worked so well, I think Im going to start using it on a regular basis. All through the windy, raining beach wedding my hair stayed perfect! I do think I would have to be careful not to put too much in though and I could feel it was heavier than usual. I also have very oily scalp and now, 36 hours after applying the serum my hair doesnt feel oily like it usually does after applying this sort of product. Definately recommend it for fine flyaway prone hair.
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Jul 16, 2005
1 Star Rating
Greasy Wavy Hair
I have always hated silicone products and now I heard that they actually break the hair down. When I use this product, it takes forever for my hair to dry and it ends up even more wavy than if I would not have used anything at all. I have used this and many other silicone products and have spent much ching. I prefer a good leave in conditioner for sleek results.
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New York, NY
May 9, 2005
1 Star Rating
Silicone Products = Bad.
I decided to buy this product after all the hype it was getting from my friends. I had the model hair used for this product - slighty dry, corkscrew curls that tend to get out of control.The serum did everything it wasnt supposed to do, making my hair drier and oilier than before. I didnt understand, seeing as I followed the directions exactly and tested it out more than once. It was so difficult to get my hair back to normal once I used the product!I came to a conclusion that the high concentration of silcone oils in the product just didnt work for my hair. Maybe it does wonders for other curly heads, but I find ingredients like the cyclomethicone just end up trashing my hair.
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Apr 17, 2005
3 Star Rating
i have dried and fried hair so i decided to try this. i followed the directions just as they were written, but i didnt style my hair i just let it dry naturally. I just couldnt find a happy medium with it... if i put too little on, it was still frizzy and had an almost plastic feel to it. if i put too much, it was greasy and and oily-looking. no matter what i tried i couldnt get it "just right" i guess. i wouldnt recommend it to anyone, though it seems to be working with everyone else in these reviews...
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Mar 4, 2005
4 Star Rating
I like the way the product eliminates frizz. If you use too much, it will make your hair oily and weigh it down. You only need a few pumps to get the job done.
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Mar 2, 2005
4 Star Rating
Does What It Claims
I have fairly straight hair, but since I got it cut to chin lenth it has been acting all poofy, not sleek. So I bought some of this and it really does get rid of static and fluffy duck syndrome. I cant put it too close to my roots though, because I wash my hair every other day, and on day 2 it looks oily if I apply this stuff near my scalp.
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Indianapolis, IN
Feb 11, 2005
4 Star Rating
Good Product But Definitely Doesn't Stand Alone
Although you need extra product and it doesnt quite spread evenly through your soaking or damp hair, it does take away a lot of your frizz. You definitely need some kind of mousse or gel with it and then add some more frizz eaze after blow drying. It does work, you just need to work with the product a little. It reccomends 1 dime size for medium length hair, and I found I need at least three times that amount. I guess it all depends. Im still working with the product.
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Carolyn Dufur
Davis, CA
Feb 2, 2005
5 Star Rating
Long Hair Vs. Chlorine!
I know everyone says this but I really have never written a review for a product before.For the past 3 weeks I have been spending on average 2 1/2 hours a night, 2 nights a week in a heavily chlorinated pool getting certified as a scuba diver. I have long color treated hair and you can imagine the damage the chlorine has done. My hair has been stripped, fly-away and generally unmanageable.Out of desperation I have tried numerous products during this time to not only remove the smell of chlorine but to try and repair the damage done to my hair. Yesterday I bought a trial size packet of Frizz-Ease Original formula. I had class last night and this morning washed my hair as usual and applied Frizz-Ease as directed by the package. When I dried my bangs, I couldnt believe what I saw!!! The control, and the SHINE!!! After my entire head of hair was dry and styled I spent another 5 "vanity" minutes in front of the mirror absolutely dumbfounded at the shine and control all over! Seriously, considering the damage which had been done, I never thought Id see shine like that in my hair ever again.Im going out today to buy a full sized bottle of Frizz-Ease and would gladly purchase stock as well if I could!!!
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