got2b Defiant Define & Shine Pomade

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This high-performance pomade is the ultimate styling tool to spike it, smooth it and keep every hair in place. Delivers outrageous shine and when it comes to control. nothing is tougher.


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Jun 16, 2009
1 Star Rating
Not Sure What It Does
I guess its called "defiant" because it wont EVER do what you want it to, which is keep your hair up. After i apply the crap, my hair is flat within about 5 min. without fail. In all fairness, it can hold up the front of my hair for a little bit (couple hours) but for some reason thats it. Waste of money, trust me.
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Jan 4, 2009
1 Star Rating
I used this product after showering. I used the blow drier after styling my hair, and had the best results. After about an hour, the product seemed to wear off. My mini-hawk just looked like I got out of the shower, styled my hair without any products.
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Oct 31, 2008
1 Star Rating
Worst Hair Product Out There
It DOES NOT do what it says it does, which is spike. No matter how you use it, the results are the same: greasy and flat hair. Got2B is usually the best choice for my hair, all their products are fantastic. Except this one. It SUCKS.
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Jan 2, 2008
4 Star Rating
i really like this pomade, i put a bit in my hair after i get out of the shower & let it dry, and i put a bit more on the ends of my hair after i straighten it & stuff, and it makes my hair look awesome and just the right (as a person earlier said) spunkiness. <33 it.
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Bakersield, Calif
Sep 25, 2007
5 Star Rating
I love the Got2B Defiant pomade. I use it daily. I have short blonde hair. I smooth it in my hair before I blow dry it. I blow dry my hair up and the Got2B helps keep it up. Kinda spiky and very spunky! I have highlights in my hair and Got2B brings out the highlights. Im out the door feeling spunky, and ready to face whatever the day sends my way!!!!
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Florence, KY
Jul 12, 2007
3 Star Rating
It's Very Stubborn
I expected more because it was from got2b and they never let me down before. When I first used it, i accidentally used waaay too much and my hair just ended up looking like i dumped it in a grease pit. Plus it left an unhappy feeling on my hands. After a while, i figured out that you have to use a dime sized amount (for people who are using it to lift your hair) And rub it to the point where its still thick and sticky instead of thinned out all over your fingers.
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Sacramento, CA
Aug 29, 2006
1 Star Rating
Greasy, Moldy, Rusty
This product comes in two packages. One as a medal container and one as a plastic container. The medal container rusted after just over a month to where I couldnt screw the top on anymore. The pomade inside the plastic container actually molded over so I had to throw it away. Basically, this product is ok if you use it right away, but if you keep it around for a while, dont expect great results.
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Jun 13, 2006
4 Star Rating
This Stuff Is Good.
I have longish hair... I got this stuff so I could make a .. Kevin Max kind of hair Sti ... it holds but not for long.. use har spray after use for more hold.
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Aug 9, 2005
4 Star Rating
With Alittle Help Its Great
This wax is great. I dont know why people complain about how the wax dosent hold their hair... your suppose to use little amounts, about the size of ur thumb nail... and once you have a definition, and it feels as though there is no more wax on your hands, just apply little by little for touch ups in the key point areas of your hair.. O and also dont forget to use hair spray before your hair starts to go down, so you can keep it in shape...
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Jul 9, 2005
5 Star Rating
outstanding, i slick it back tight into a ponytail and i can get it super slick or if you use a little, its soft and supple not greasy. best slicking product on the market
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