Enjoy Straightener 10 oz.

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Enjoy Straightener will straighten and control coarse or curly hair.


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May 1, 2013
3 Star Rating
Great, But Not For Me
I have very thin but tangly, wavy-ish type of hair. I didn't realize that this product was aimed at coarse and curly hair, or else I would not have chose it. With that being said, as you can see in the photos, my hair has a slight wave to it when being product free, that is annoying because it can't decide to be straight or full blown wavy and outright curly. For the application process, I washed my hair, and let it air dry until it was about 80% dry. I then applied a quarter size amount (I wanted to be careful because I get oily scalp, and FAST) and worked it into the ends of hair. Making sure not to get close to my scalp. Making sure there were no globs of product on one area, i combed through my hair and grabbed the blow dryer. I wanted that pinstraight look that is so appealing to me so I aimed the blow dryer down wards while having the heat hit it. So that when it dried, it would be heat straightened, without the flat iron that I usually go for. I wanted to add that even though I get oily scalp after about a day, this had no effect on my scalp area. I feel like it was almost like a straightening gel, but without the crunchy or hard hair aspect. I have to say this stuff works even IF my hair isn't what or who they targeted it for. When I blow dry with no product, the hair by my neck still waves a bit, but with this, it made it pin-straight, like the rest of my head. I was surprised at how long my hair was because I usually don't style it to be pinstraight. I usually go with wavy since it holds better. Overall, this Straighter does the job, even if it didn't have my name written all over it. I suggest it to women who have bigger waves or curls than me. For someone like me, I would suggest just a low level flat iron. I feel this product is too heavy hitting for someone who doesn't need so much force to get the waves out. I'm not saying its too harsh, but you definitely don't need something so strong is you have hair like mine.
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