DevaCurl Angell

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De-frizz your halo with DevaCurl Angell!


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Amanda T.
Aug 31, 2012
5 Star Rating
Finally Wearing My Curls!
I have been fighting my curly hair for 20 years. Straintening, loads of money on products and cuts. I use the Deva curl line and now I love my curls. I am stopped by strangers who compliment my hair. Trust me, this has never happened before! Use the gel generously on soaking wet hair, dry with a diffuser or air dry and voila. Even my family doesn't beleivebthatbmy curls are natural.
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Humid Florida
Dec 20, 2010
5 Star Rating
I Have Straight Hair, And I Love This Stuff!
I have straight hair, but I struggled with dullness and frizz. Nothing worked to eliminate the frizz or give me any long-term shine to my hair. I spent $100s on products of every description. Nothing worked! I decided to give up all that silicone (which I found out was really just making the dryness and frizz worse). I discovered the Deva Curl line, but since I don't have curly hair, I started with the travel set which includes this (silicone and paraben-free) styling gel. Hands down, this is the best styling gel I have ever found. It gives just enough hold, but leaves my hair bouncy and full of shine. I'm totally hooked on the whole Deva line. I came to Folica today to re-stock all my full-size bottles (and maybe get some deep conditioner)! Even if you're not a curly girl, buy this stuff, you won't regret it!
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Nashville, TN
Aug 31, 2010
5 Star Rating
Best Stuff For Curly Hair
I love the Deva Care products for curly hair. They are the best I've tried. They don't leave your hair crunchy or wet looking. They dry nice, not sticky and hold the curls great. Love this stuff.
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Piedmont Of NC
Mar 27, 2010
5 Star Rating
I have gone back and forth from straight to wavy hair, my hair is naturally wavy and I am tired of fighting with it every day to straighten. I have tried so many products and my hair was always frizzy...I had almost given up until I tried this product. I LOVE IT It is the only product so far that goes on so beautifully light and yet gives so much hold with no frizz! I recommend this product to anyone that is still searching for frizz free hair. I don't like the wet look so I use a diffuser to dry my problems at all.
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New York, NY, United States
Jan 16, 2010
5 Star Rating
Follow-up To "to Each Their Own"
After two months, it's due time for a follow up. The DevaCurl line has substantially improved the condition of my hair. I enjoy the benefits of the AnGell product because once the "crystalization" occurs (without teasing, diffusing, and such) the results are beautiful curls. I recieve compliments everywhere. Because it's utterly cold in NYC, I cannot leave home without diffusing it half way through, nonetheless, AnGell is a wonderful asset to all curly girls' haircare routine. The product works best with use of the whole line/ main products, One condition and no-poo/low-poo. I found that using no-poo more than twice a week caused my hair to dry out rather rapidly, and so I wouldn't recommend it's use for more than that, besides, all the products are water soluable, so you can no-poo your hair once a week without build up occurring. I don't own the DevaCurl Deep Conditioner/Treatment, but I do drench my hair in Olive Oil, wear a shower Cap, and remove it all (with or without "no-pooing") to hydrate my curls once a week. (I have 3B curls.) FYI: Youtube has fantastic tutorials created by DevaCurl's creator herself to demonstrate the correct use of the product. Post conditioning your hair, you shouldn't completely remove the One Condition product, but DON'T leave it in (almost)in its entirety so that build up occurs. This process or act serves as a leave-in conditioner to moisturize your curls and works well in conjunction with AnGell. You shouldn't tease or shake the scalp to create volume if your hair is still wet. BTW: I recommend use of the Elen of Troy diffuser found on this website to dry hair and create volume simultaneously without disturbing the hair and causing frizz. Always remember that choosing a quality blow dryer contributes to the results you recieve. If you can allow the hair to air dry and later massage the scalp and scrunch your hair to create volume later, the results will be beautiful curls.
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New York City, N.Y., United States
Nov 11, 2009
3 Star Rating
To Each Their Own
Since the breaking news of detergents found in shampoos, unhealthy silicone trends, debates between the Amodimethicone found in DevaCurl products, and so forth and so on, Devacurl has spread throughout my neighborhood in New York City. I am a Latina of mixed latin roots; my mother has rough "nappy" (for a lack of better words) hair, while my father has silky straight strands. I would say I have "3b curls" and more than often I get these little knots, breakage, and such at my tips quicker than I'd like. Since hearing about Devacurl, I became overly excited, content, and filled with joy at the thought that SOMETHING might work. The whole notion of sulfate-free and "silicone-free" (although its not completely silicone-free) products drew me in and hooked me from the moment that I began viewing clips of devacurl at the yearly nyc beauty show which seemed to elicit great feedback. Though the idea is great, and the product is more or less good, it isn't per se the best product my hair has met. For the investment, I think it's worth a try solely because not all "great" hair products elicit the same results for every individual person. Personally, my experience was an average one, but I have to say, if you're trying to make the transition from chemical products to organic/silicone & sulfate-free products, I would say, it doesn't hurt to try. By the way, I've been using the product for over a week, my hair was damaged at the ends, and at the very commencement of my transition, I hadn't realized that the "no-poo" hair product was a shampoo replacement, so THAT too might have contributed to my first poor experience, but since using the line itself, I wonder whether I can afford this ENTIRE line for a lifetime and whether I should find resembling products which resulted from devacurl's successes. Overall, the product is good, but it isn't absolutely great and over the top as it has been advertised and raved about. My scalp does feel clean, and it is my belief that over time, with the use of this product it will yield healthier results. I have used sulfate shampoos, silicone conditioners, rock hard gels, and such for nearly the entirety of my life, and for that reason I will continue to use the product as a means of feeding my dry, overly abused, and frizzy curls who more than not cry out for moisture. After a substantial amound of time, I will return and a follow-up review and whether my hair has flourished or not.
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Nov 6, 2009
5 Star Rating
This Gel Is The Best!
I love this gel. It leaves hair soft and frizz free. You dont need much and wont get that gel look...(hard and wet) Instead you get the beach waves look. This really is the perfect product if you have wavy or curly hair! When I dont feel like blowdrying my hair straight I apply this product when my hair is wet. Then I let it dry on its own. Comes out perfect. Thanks Deva Curl!
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