Bumble And bumble Holding Spray

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Bumble and bumble Holding Spray is a workable hair spray that locks in the shape, but lets the hair move.


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Mona Y.
Jan 30, 2012
1 Star Rating
Loved It For Years, Will Never Buy B& B Products Again
Used B&B ES holding spray for more years than I can remember. It was worth the money, it was a styling wand by its self, didn't feel crispy, didn't smell, was great in a home with asthmatics. Read some reviews early2011 that other consumers got a changed formula without any notice from B&B. Consumers hated everything about it. I went to 3 salons to stock up. 3 bottles, 3 different salons, all bad. The ingredients on the bottle didn't change, I will allow B&B the honesty of that, but the concentration is different. It leaves a greasy look, sprays and feels feels like water. Hair becomes heavy and feels dirty. $60.00 of oil and water, I am done. Others who found this situation are telling the truth.
B&B changed a product consumers loved, they maybe changing all their products.
I trusted in this product for years, B&B scammed me, I will never buy, or recommend their products again.
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Seguin, Texas
Feb 22, 2010
4 Star Rating
Long Soft Curl Hold
I straighten my hair and then curl my hair with a curling iron, squirt some of this magic bumble and bumble on and I'm good to go for 12 plus hours. After I spray my hair, I pin it with bobbi pens for a couple of minutes, then release the curl and even brush them out, the curls stay soft and bouncy, I can't live without this stuff! HUMIDITY SAFE I LIVE IN SOUTH TEXAS WHERE IT'S 99% HUMIDITY ALL THE TIME!
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