Amika Organic Olive Oil Hair Cream

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Amika Organic Olive Oil Hair Cream will give hair moisture, vitality and health.


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Harlem, USA
May 18, 2011
3 Star Rating
Petrolatum, Oh No!!! :o
"Say it ain't so," I thought as I read the ingredient list. Somehow, I don't remember the ingredients being listed in the product description, but since it says "organic," petrolatum was the last thing I expected to see in the ingredient list. And I certainly didn't think it would be the third ingredient (behind water and sunflower seed oil). Very disappointed. :'( That said, I LOVE the smell and it did make my hair feel moisturized, but a bit more like it coated the hair than really penetrating the hair shaft. I have natural, kinky, type 4 a/b hair that tends to be very dry (porous). I got this on sale and I'm not upset that I tried it, but I probably would not order it again, only because there are so many other wonderful moisturizing products out there that I would like to try that don't have petrolatum or mineral oil in them.
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North Providence, Ri
Oct 24, 2009
5 Star Rating
Smells Great
i got this cream free of charge when i purchased the amika strenghtener and i obsolutely love it! it smells so good. its creamy but your hair is not greasy after. i love this cream!
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