Alterna Caviar Working Hair Spray

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Styling Spray with Age-Control Complex minimizes the visible signs of aging with an ultra light spray formulation containing an added heat styling protectant.


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Jun 2, 2010
5 Star Rating
Stole It From My Son !!
I love to try new things for my hair! This spray is incredible! I love it! I have really fine, thin hair that usually goes limp after several hours then it just gets clipped up. NOT NOW! For the past 2 days (since I stole it) everyone has said my hair looks great & what have I done to it!! I can't believe I'm spending more than $10 bucks on spray but I'm worth it & IT is worth it!! Pamper yourself!
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San Pedro, CA, USA
Jan 25, 2010
5 Star Rating
Cannot Live Without!
This product gives you that "just left the salon" look. I use this every time I use the flat iron or curling iron and it leaves my hair smooth and polished. U can spray and spray and your hair never gets crunchy. This is the best product for keeping hair totally smooth and stick straight after using it with the flat iron. Oh yeah, I use it everyday and one can lasts me about 6 months!
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Bensenville, Illinois
Mar 14, 2009
5 Star Rating
Love It
this hairspray works really great. leaves hair shiny, and the hairstyle stays put all day. It is not stiff or crunchy. It does even feel like their is hairspray in my hair. and It smells pretty good
3 out of 3 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
Feb 21, 2009
5 Star Rating
After using pretty much every hairspray ever created, i have concluded that this is the absolute most amazing hairspray in the WORLD! it give a very natural hold & it doesnt make your hair hard or crunchy. it has great style memory and can withstand wind, rain, and humidity. BUY THIS!
15 out of 15 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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