Aeto Fortifying Oil

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Aeto Fortifying Oil is a rescue potion blended with babussa and pure olive oil for thirsty and stressed hair that requires extra care.


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Lauren H.
Oklahoma City
Apr 18, 2011
5 Star Rating
Healed My Damaged Hair!
My hair is blonde so I use chemicals on it which makes it even more damaged. This product really improved the overall softness and shine of my hair! Plus, it has a an application dropper for the oil which makes it easy to get to apply evenly on your scalp. It would be really handy for short hair, the only thing is i have long hair so i had to just pour some in my hands and run it through all the way to the tips of my hair. Then i used a wide tooth comb to even it out and left it in for 2 hours. Also, putting the blow dryer on it for about a minute really helped with the results. With long hair you can probably get about 5 treatments out of the bottle when applied liberally. Overall, a great product!
Folica, NYC
Sep 3, 2010
5 Star Rating
My New Favorite Product.
NOTE: I work at Folica (Content Manager and HairJunky blogger).

I started using this simply for the scent. Then, I realized how it actually seemed to be healing my hair rather than just oiling up split ends. Smells like ylang ylang. (I write definitively and then read the ingredients to find everything but.) Okay, so it smells like fabulous, woodsy oil, rosemary and lavender. Itâ??s mellow and herbal. Today was the first time Iâ??ve actually read the instructions (hehe) and turns out, itâ??s intended to be used slightly differently than I do. Barex recommends applying to dirty hair, heating with a dryer and leaving on for 20 minutes to 2 hours before shampooing out. I of course have been applying to dirty hair (concentrating on ends) and leaving on â?¦ indefinitely.

Barex says: Adds shine, silkiness and nourishment to even the most damaged hair. 100% natural oils â?? no color, no parfums.

I say: My hair feels repaired, is subtly shiny (not greasy), I love that itâ??s all natural (kind of want to cook with it). My new favorite product.

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