Tigi Bed Head Hard To Get Texture Paste

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Whether you're going for the spiked look or just trying to hold on to those perfect natural curls that only come out while your hair is still wet, Tigi Bed Head Hard To Get paste will help you get the look you want.


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Dec 6, 2011
5 Star Rating
Finally, A Paste That Holds Texturized Spikey Pixie Hair!
I have naturally curly hair that I wanted to get cut into a pixie with spikes. After four tries, my hairstylist finally got my hair short enough to hold a spike. I tried gels, waxes, and other texturizing pastes, but they were all too heavy and made my hair droop. Finally I tried BedHead's Hard to Get.

It was incredible. The paste is a little difficult to get out of the container, but once I did I rubbed it between my fingers and palms then ran it through my hair. The incredible part is that the more I used and pinched my hair between my fingers, the more piecey my hair became. Now I love my hairstyle. Hard to Get is my new HG.
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Danny Ocen
Dec 30, 2009
4 Star Rating
It Definitely Earns Its Name!
I was told that this was one of the hardest products to find, due to its popularity and I can see why! I've tried the Bedhead Mastermind wax, and I found it too heavy and has an "oily" feeling on my hair, I wasn't able to style my hair without it falling back down in seconds. However this isn't the case with the Hard To Get. It's very light and doesn't have that oily feeling, and it still gets my hair up without using too much(I have short - medium hair length.) What's good about this is that I don't feel it in my hair once I use it, unlike using something like the Mastermind wax. Only negative thing is the fact they give you such a small amount for the price.
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Aug 11, 2008
5 Star Rating
Better Then I Expected
I have a hair type with layers and if you dont give it some textre it looks weird and just dumb so I bought this cause im soon going to be getting my hair cut and soo i used this and WOW my hair was sooo pretty and piecy and sepreated like it says really good and my friend uses it also! which was cool I like this product alot andd will buy more of it keeps it on hold the next day and keeps it soft
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