Magic Move - A New Type Hair Cosmetics

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
From Japan. It lets you adjust your hair style easily just with finger-combing, and adds natural body to your hair.


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Nov 22, 2004
5 Star Rating
Love It!!!
This product reaaly gives your hair more body and fullness. The person who wrote the bad review probably didnt apply as directed. It took me a couple of tries to get the right effect and it was totally worth it. Your hair stays soft, but yet the style holds with more fullness. Maybe she used the wrong one for her hair type? I have fine hair and used the soft dont need much of this product either. Love this stuff!!
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Carlos Mentenogro
Nov 11, 2004
1 Star Rating
If was totally disatisfy with the product. I was expecting something that would give an end to my ugly and pale hair. I would not recomend this product to a friend.
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May 4, 2004
4 Star Rating
Good Stuff
a bit expensive, but worth it. Ive tried plenty of similar products, but this little thing is far superior. I dont have great hair, but this thing adds volume instantly. sure, it probably isnt the best one out there, but compared to all the other ones Ive tried, Im very happy with this one.
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Jamie Harmon
Sep 8, 2003
5 Star Rating
Better Than Anything I've Tried
Best price Ive found for this product. It came recommended from a well known salon in Manhattan and I like it better than anything Ive tried. Im surprised its not known better but I take it as my little fashion secret--watch--I bet it appears on Queer Eye or another reality
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