diCesare Argan Oil

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diCesare Argan Oil instantly helps to create luster and promotes healthier looking hair!


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Sep 22, 2015
1 Star Rating
This Is Not Argan Oil
DiCesare Argan Oil is a total waste of money. My sister bought several bottles of this for my birthday thinking that it was pure argan oil, because from the product title and description that's what it sounds like. You have to read the ingredient list in order to discover that argan oil is only a tiny fraction of what's contained in this product (it's the 6th ingredient). This product is mostly alcohol and soybean oil, with artificial fragrance and artificial color added to try to mask the cheapness. If you are looking for pure argan oil and trying to avoid chemicals like my sister and I were, stay away from this product.

Unfortunately Folica doesn't accept returns after 30 days, even of the bottles that are unopened and even though the product is not Argan Oil as advertised, so we've learned the lesson of poor customer service as well. Buyer beware.
Jennie M.
Saddle River N.j.
Apr 5, 2012
5 Star Rating
Stronger Hair Finally!!!
I have baby fine hair but plenty of it. I have tried another Argan Oil Serum but it was way to heavy for my hair . This one is light , easy to use and has made a visible diffence in my hair. I am a believer .. Thank You Folica and Thank you diCesare!
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