Brocato Cloud 9 Blowout Miracle Repair Blow Dry Serum 8.5 oz.

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
Brocato Cloud 9 Blowout Miracle Repair Blow Dry Serum assists in protecting hair from damage due to styling and leaves hair shiny.


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Kathie G.
New York
Oct 13, 2014
5 Star Rating
Makes My Hair Feel And Look Like I Just Had A Cellaphane Or Gloss Put In
I'm the first to write a review and I'm very happy to. I bought this product just by what the discribtion said and what it said it does for your hair. I mostly buy something by what the reviews say but I know with Folica if I did not like it I could have always returned it. Though after reading what it has in it and what it's meant to do for the hair I didn't really think I would be sending it back and I did not. I love this stuff. After applying it to wet towel dried hair my comb just glided through my hair with a lot less breakage verses if I was not to use this product.
My hair feels soft, it's very manageable, shiny and looks like I had just applied a clear cellephane or gloss treatment. You can't go wrong with this stuff. I even use it for next day styling. I spray my hair damp with a spray bottle full of water then I apply it to my hair and it styles as good as the day I washed it. Sometimes you just need to be that first person to take a chance on something in order to get the word out and I'm happy I did.THIS IS A GREAT GREAT PRODUCT, YOU WONT BE DISAPOINTED...
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