BioSilk Silk Therapy

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BioSilk Silk Therapy is a silky, lightweight treatment that rehydrates and protects hair with silk proteins and shine producing botanicals.


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Mar 14, 2010
4 Star Rating
Amazing But Drying
I have been using biosilk for the past 4 years. It smells great and makes my hair shiny and smooth. You can also use it as a lotion on your body! Smells great. But if i use it more than once a week my hair becomes dry and has much more split ends... use in moderation.
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Laramie WY USA
Feb 23, 2010
5 Star Rating
I first received this item by mistake from my hair dresser. She was to order me Chi Silk Infusion and this came instead. I am a huge Tony and Guy, Girl Toys fan, however after using this product I never went back to using the previous product. I have very naturally curly hair and lots of it and it can get really frizzy. Using Bio Silk along with Chi Silk Infusion makes my hair so soft and smooth. I am complimented frequently about my hair. Of course a good diet helps too. I also use Chi Silk Infusion. A trial size came with my very first Chi flat iron and the 2 together work miracles for my hair. I am so glad I found Folica, great prices on the products I use.
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Sharon, MA USA
Feb 2, 2010
5 Star Rating
I use Biosilk after shampooing and conditioning and before blow drying. I mix it with a leave in conditioner since I have thick, dry and course hair. It leaves my hair in good shape for the heat that follows next and after a blow dry and flat iron, my hair is silky feeling and smooth. Biosilk also smells great. Sometimes on day 2, if my ends look dry, I throw a little on and it makes them look better.
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McAllen, Texas, USA
Jan 31, 2010
5 Star Rating
Biosilk Silk Therapy Makes My Hair Like New
I've used BioSilk Silk Therapy for many years. I'm now 60 years old and it makes my hair feel and move like I was 25 years old. If you put a tiny bit in your palm, not much, then rub it onto WET, towel dried hair it works best. Then comb it out and do whatever you do to your hair. When my hair is dry and ready to style I add just a dot more. Just a tiny dot into the palm of the hand and rub it mostly into the end areas of the hair, then the rest of the hair. It's silky smooth. One reviewer said it is oily and won't even wash off with soap and water. Not true if you use it correctly. It only takes a tiny bit, and it does come off when applying to WET hair. When applying to dry hair, and you use just a dot of it, you can end up with a little bit on your hand. I just smooth it all over my hands as if it were hand lotion, even on the arm if you have that much left over (which you should not have that much left if you use just a little dot). Then it will wash off easily. The trick is not to use too much, and doing that will save you money too. It's wonderful. Your hair will move and swing, a comb with go through it, fingers absolutely can run through it without tangling. I love love love it.
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Los Angeles, CA USA
Oct 17, 2009
5 Star Rating
I have been using this for years and still receive compliments on how good I smell. I have dry ends but an oily scalp so it works best for me if I only use it on my ends. I also mix a small amount with unscented body lotion and it makes my skin soft and smell great.
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Jul 28, 2009
5 Star Rating
The Best Product Ever !!( Well Thats What I Think)
well i love this product i have thick kinda wavy hair ..annd it really works wonders i love the smell makes my hair shiny ,beutifull,refreshed and ready to go...i use it when my hair its damp and when i straighten my hair for that sleek runway look:)it is the BEST
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Who Wants To Know
Jul 7, 2009
5 Star Rating
It Is Honestly The Absolute Best (at Least For Me)
My mom bought this about a year ago..I LOVE IT. It makes my hair so shiny and soft...My hair can get pretty frizzy but this makes it so sleek. I LOVE IT.. I will always buy this awesome amazing product! I LOVE YOU BIOSILK STUFF!!
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Jun 12, 2009
5 Star Rating
Simply Amazing
I have thick, frizzy and curly hair and bought numerous hair products to tame it with very little success. I SIMPLY LOVE this product. I apply a dime size of this wonderful smelling stuff use the Sedu ultra hair dryer, followed by Sedu straightner and the transformation is amazing. And the beauty of all of this is that it takes me only 20 minutes at the most to feel good about the way my hair looks!
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Apr 7, 2009
5 Star Rating
Favorite Flat Iron Product
i use this stuff on every layer when i straighten my hair and it works so well!!! it also works well with curling irons and any heat!! love it!
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Feb 13, 2009
4 Star Rating
Biosilk Silk Therapy
First off this is the biggest size that i got on Rite Aid for $33 and the price on Folica is almost half off!! Its a good deal people!!!I first used this yesterday after i washed my hair with VO5 herbal escapes moisturizing shampoo and VO5 silky experiences lavender conditioner. I towel dried my hair and combed it out.Then I put a DIME SIZED AMOUNT its really important because its highly concentrated and thats really all you need which is why the biosilk will probably last forever because you only need that little.More will make hair extremely greasy. I rubbed it between my hands and started at the ends of my hair going up,i left it in and when i woke up in the morning my hair was extremely shiny and soft but my hair was just as poofy and frizzy with flyaways. The Biosilk can also be used as a heat protectant so i rubbed a dime size amount in my hair starting at the ends and going up. I sectioned off my hair and straightened my hair with the Sedu 1 1/2 inch. The biosilk smells amazing. When i was done,my hair looked really good but it had a few flyaways so i took a dime size amount of the biosilk and rubbed it between my hands and started at the ends of my hair going up. The result was AMAZING!!!!!! All of the frizzies and flyaways went away and i got extra shine and softness. It lasts all day. The Biosilk Silk Therapy actually makes it a little too soft in my opinion. I think its worth it especially since it can be used as a leave in,serum,lotion[it makes my hand really soft],and heat protectant and since only a dime size amount is needed because if more is used it will weigh hair down and make it look greasy but the dime size amount makes my hair look beautiful without weighing it down. i think it works best if used right after straightening. Itll probably last me a long time! I love it=]. I absolutely love it. I was skeptical too since its not cheap but its totally worth it.
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