Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist

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Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist is a lightweight, instantly absorbing mist that can be used as a treatment or style primer to eliminate frizz, shield hair from heat styling tools, enhance shine & protect color while boosting hair’s health. Best on fine to medium hair.


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Jan 17, 2014
5 Star Rating
Great Product
I did not regret buying this. It did great work on my course, thick, wavy hair.
A Discerning Buyer
Atlanta, Georgia
Jul 10, 2013
5 Star Rating
Excellent Product For Relaxed Hair
I have combination 3 b and c hair that is relaxed and 3/4 down my back. When not wearing a protective hair style, I like to use this oil. It's very light and does not weigh or give the hair an oily appearance while at the same time provides all the moisture needed to maintain a healthy looking mane. I use many other oils (e.g. argan oil) but the Alterna oil has worked best for me when I want to wear my hair down.
Rene W.
Hot Humid South
Jul 2, 2013
5 Star Rating
Shine Like A Star!
This stuff is amazing! I use it on both wet and dry hair. I spray it throughout my hair before drying, and I add a few pumps after my hair is all styled. It gives my hair the most gorgeous shine!

My only caveat is that if you are going to spray it on dry hair, don't comb right away. Let it soak in or brush it ... but don't comb within the first couple minutes because you will get that look that screams "Oily Hair!" The good news is that if this happens it is really easy to fix ... just get out the blow dryer and re-style the areas that look oily. I guess the heat makes it soak in or something, but whatever happens, the oily hair look goes away. The second time this happened, I just used a brush to get rid of the oily hair look. It's true, I don't always learn my lesson the first time!

I think this product is going to last a while. I will repurchase it either way. If the bottle goes quickly (which it doesn't really seem to be doing), I will just use it less the next time. But, I will definitely make this a part of my "finishing" routine from now on. The shine is gorgeous! And, bonus ... my stylist says it's good for my hair!
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Sep 25, 2012
5 Star Rating
Good Stuff
Besides the fact that I love supporting fair trade products, the kendi oil works very nicely. It's light and doesn't leave any buildup on my hair or scalp. I apply it to my air dried hair before flat ironing. The result is smooth, shiny, soft hair. It has a very nice light smell to it. Although not a miracle worker, my hair tends to resist humidity a little bit better with this this product as opposed to other heat protectants that I've used. I would keep this in my arsenal as a staple.

*I have very thick, very curly hair.
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Aug 25, 2012
5 Star Rating
The Best My Hair Has Ever Looked...
I received a deluxe sample of this dry oil mist along with Alterna's Bamboo Color Care UV+ Fade-Proof Fluide about a month ago. I live in dry, dry Colorado and have long, wavy, coarse highlighted dark blonde hair. I usually struggle to keep my hair looking healthy and shiny in this climate since I blow-dry and straighten every few days.
I now use a couple of pumps of the Fade-Proof Fluide on my hair before blowdrying with a paddle brush, then spray a bit of this dry oil on each section as I flat iron and my hair is shiny, smooth and gorgeous, plus it doesn't need much touching up between shampoos...the style lasts a lot longer using these products. It's never oily, just soft, supple and healthy-looking. I highly recommend this line and these 2 products in particular.
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Seattle, WA
Aug 18, 2012
5 Star Rating
Perfect Product
The Kendi Dry Oil smells fabulous but the best thing is how light it is! I have thinning, dull, baby fine hair. This product doesn't weight down my hair at all, adds shine, and silkiness that I never thought I'd have again. I don't spray it on my hair as suggested though. I spray a few pumps into my palms and rub it into my hair.
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United States
Aug 17, 2012
3 Star Rating
It's Ok
I have thick, just below chin-length color treated hair. I tried this as a primer to reduce frizz and protect against heat. I wasn't sure how much to use as the instructions just said "spray liberally." I didn't want to use too much in case it would weigh down my hair, but I used a decent amount, and came out with still moderately frizzy hair - I had to use something else after blow drying to smooth it out a bit more.

I also tried it as a post styling spray to give shine, but it ended up weighing down my hair a bit.

Oh, well. I tried.
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May 26, 2012
5 Star Rating
In Love With This
I didn't purchase this here but I will after I finish my bottle. It works well on my long medium thick fine oily at times color treated hair. As I have to watch the oils I put in my hair i do not have to worry with this at all making my hair oily,greasy looking. Absorbs really well as soon as sprayed on hair and makes it more easily to brush thru on damp hair. Works well on dry hair too making it shine, smooth,and calm frizz and flyaways. Smells good and is a very light natural scent-floral green as one stated. Very great product and worth the money. Better than the sedu anti frizz argan oil.
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San Francisco, CA
Apr 29, 2012
5 Star Rating
Great Shine And Heat Protection!
This was my first purchase from the Bamboo line and I really like it! I love the light floral green smell (lime blossom-ish) and the shine it gives my hair. I use it mostly on dry hair as a shine/finishing spray, but I do use it after towel drying prior to blow drying for heat protection. I don't know if it's improved the condition of my hair, but I believe it's a good heat protector. It is very light, so it's probably best for those with fine to medium strand hair (as the info states). This is a staple for me in my hair care routine -either before or after blow drying or when I let my hair air dry. Definitely a keeper for my fine-textured hair!
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Jerilyn L.
Mount Olive, Nc
Mar 9, 2012
5 Star Rating
Read This If You Have Dry Hair
I've been a Folica customer for years, but I seldom write reviews, so this is an exception. You need to understand my hair before I explain just how good this product is and how much I like it. I'm in my 50's, Black, with fine hair that is chemically relaxed AND color-treated. It is slightly thinning near the crown as a natural result of menopause. I wash and condition it twice a week, blow dry, and deep condition every other week. I normally style it in an up-flip, using a Conair tourmaline-ceramic curling iron with digital controls. I use the lowest heat setting of 310 degrees. My hair is naturally dry (as is most African-American hair), but in very good condition considering the relaxer, hair color and daily curling. I suffer very little breakage at the root, but occasional breakage at the tips, and split ends because of the dryness and daily curling routine. I've tried every hair serum on the market, but silicone-based products only make it drier. I've also tried every shine product on the market, too, but one good spray makes my curls flop. Although my hair is dry, it will not tolerate a heavy oil. This product is the ONLY product that I can spray all over my hair as a heat protectant, curl it, respray as a finishing tool, and my hair still has body and bounce. After the first day of use, my hair was silkier, and after one week there was a noticible decrease in hair tip breakage. I could not be happier with this hair product and I pray they never stop making it. If your hair is dry due to whatever reason, and whatever your race or ethnicity is, trust me, IT WILL HELP YOUR HAIR.
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