One 'n Only Brazilian Tech 5 Day Straight Mousse

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One 'n Only Brazilian Tech 5 Day Straight Mousse is a rich, creamy lightweight mousse that helps control volume and keep hair straight and smooth with flat ironing. Straight, smooth hair will last up to 5 shampoos. Reduces drying and ironing time!


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Sana K.
New York City
Nov 22, 2013
5 Star Rating
It Makes My Life So Much Easier
So, the problem with my dry thick hair is that whenever I straighten my hair, my hair strands look super dry and flaky. So, I washed my hair and then let it air dry. It tells you on the directions to use a hair dryer and it probably works for some people, but honestly it's always better to air dry your hair before you apply anything. So, after letting my hair air dry, I applied the Mousse evenly and then straightened my hair with a ceramic straightener.

My hair looked so shiny and even after a few washes, my hair was more tamed than usual. My favorite thing about this Mousse is that it doesn't make your hair sticky or give you that gel sticky look.
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