Revolution In Cut Prime My Cut: Blunt

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Revolution In Cut Prime My Cut: Blunt is a pre-styling lotion that keeps the ends of your Blunt cut shiny, sophisticated and free from fraying.


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Kim F.
Buffalo, New York
Oct 17, 2010
5 Star Rating
Finally, A Product That I Love!!!
I am absolutely thrilled with Ric Pipino's new product Revolution in Cut Prime My Cut: Blunt! I have very long hair, almost waist length and I have it cut blunt along the edges, mostly to make it look and feel thicker. Prime My Cut has really made my hair look pretty! It is so swingy and supershiny now, and I noticed it doesn't get knotted and tangled the way it did before. I find that with PMC:Blunt, I don't have to run the brush through my hair as often as before, you know, in order to keep it looking neat and smooth. That is a big bonus for me, the less wear and tear on my hair, the better. Less brushing = less breakage! This wonderful product does a fantastic job of keeping my hair together and it doesn't separate and get stringy anymore. It actually looks and feels thicker and has a more "polished" look as well. It seems to have more body too, hence the "swing" to it! And did I mention the scent? OMG, it's unbelievably beautiful! It smells so fresh and clean, with maybe a hint of vanilla? The creamy texture is just right, and it spreads throughout my lengths very easily. I'm so happy I found this, Yay!! I have a feeling everything in this line is just as awesome as Prime My Cut: Blunt! Thank you, Ric Pipino!!

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