Phyto Phytodefrisant Relaxing Balm

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Phyto Phytodefrisant Relaxing Balm is a relaxing balm for all hair types, naturally curly or permed hair. Ferula, horseradish and garlic extracts coat and straighten hair without any chemical action.


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Penelope P
Dominican Republic
Aug 12, 2008
5 Star Rating
The Holly Grial Of Beuty Products
Im Dominican and I relax my curly, kinky hair.In the summer my hair gets puffy and grows like a sponge, i went to a beauty salon and they recommended me this AMAZING product. as soon i took out the rollers i noticed that the hair was relaxed, smooth and with volume because it is not greasy. the next day my hair was with an amazing SHINE and with the softness that i was craving for and the beauty that brought to my hair. this is the everything for my hair. GOD BLESS this company.
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Jul 1, 2008
4 Star Rating
Worked Well
Im an african american and this worked well for my hair. I mixed this with Phyto 9 and my blowdry was great. My hair was left soft and silky. I think the key is not using a lot of the product. I used a cap sized amount.
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Curly Girl
Apr 2, 2008
1 Star Rating
Not Good For African-american Hair
Im a black lady and this is not good at all for our hair!! It leaves a yucky white residue and it just kind of sits on the hair. It doesnt straighten or even slightly relax the curl. If you are caucasian this may be a good product, but if you are African American I strongly suggest staying away from this product!
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Farmington Hills, MI
Mar 19, 2008
5 Star Rating
Phyto Does It Again
I have been using Phyto products for quite some time now. I like them all and this product just puts the icing on the Phyto cake. I have been using it for a week now and am satisfied. I usually find it difficult to find hair products that work for me since Im black but Phyto is good for hair period. I had been using the Garnier Sleek and Shine Serum and it works but this Phytodefrisant works better and lasts longer. Ive worked out this week and its still smooth and soft feeling.
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Elizabethtown, Ky
Jan 24, 2008
5 Star Rating
Worth Every Penny!
I hated to spend $26 on a product that I was afraid wouldnt work. I tried it for the first time this morning and it was worth every penny! My hair was so much smoother and I didnt have to use my flat Iron except to touch up a few places and style my hair! I wish it came in a bigger bottle for $26 but I will definitley be buying more when it runs out!
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Flushing, N.Y.
Jan 21, 2008
5 Star Rating
Great For Ethnic Hair!!!
I am half Dominican and half Puerto Rican. At the roots of my hair I have extreme tight curly frizzy hair and I almost forgot to mention that my hair is extremely course! I started relaxing my hair when i was about six or seven but when I was in Highschool I saw that relaxing hair can be very damaging. So I have been natural for 4 years now. Some times when I go to the salon they always ask me if I want to relax my hair and I always say no. I know they ask me this because my hair is very unmanagable while it is wet. The only time I go to the salon is to get my hair trimmed other than that I do my own hair at home with my blower and excellent flat iron because I hate to hear these people telling me to relax it. One day I went for a trim and the lady told me that if I am not going to relax my hair then to buy a type of cream that can relax my roots temporarly. So I did some research on and some other places and saw that this product had the allure magazine award and had to good reviews so far. I decided to take a chance and buy it. I used the product two days ago at the salon. The stylist looked skeptical and so was I. After my rollers were dry it was time blow dry my hair. OMG!!! It smoothed and straightened my dry frizzy extremely tightly curled course hair. Me AND the stylist were amazed at the results. She made me tell her where she can get a bottle of her own and I gladly told her. This is the best product for any type of rebellious hair! Great investment! *MUAH* for the people at PHYTO!!!
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Anonymous, Woman
Jan 6, 2008
5 Star Rating
Fine For Fine Hair
Ive tried numerous products to smooth the dry ends of my very fine hair---all left my hair greasy and stringy except for this one. Try it on wet hair, or a little after your hair is dry. Experiment, starting with a little bit at first. It really does work well.
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Sep 25, 2007
5 Star Rating
The Best Relaxing Balm!
I have been using this product for years and its really one of the only products I cannot live without. It is an absolute MUST if you: use a flat iron; have dry, frizzy, curly, hair; live in a humid climate; want super straight and shiny, healthy hair.It is all natural, no chemicals. I was surprised that a botanical based product could work so well but it works better than any other straightening balm Ive ever tried. The balm protects hair from heat styling. Its a clear gel with a watery consistency, feels slippery in the hands. Apply it to very wet hair and proceed with your heat styling. It never flakes or makes hair feel stiff or sticky. Leaves hair very shiny and straight.Like I said, Ive been using it for years. Last week, for the first time in forever, I forgot to put it on and didnt realize it until I was ready to start flat ironing. I had already done too much to start over at that time so I said whatever. hair was way different, it was puffy, not shiny and was harder to straighten. It was only then that I realized how well this balm really works. Try it you wont go back. And it might be pricey but a tube will last a long while. Good luck!
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