Diamond Shine Illuminating Smoother 12 oz.

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Diamond Shine Illuminating Smoother enhances shine, softness and tames frizzy, unruly hair.


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May 22, 2013
5 Star Rating
Super Shiny And Strong, Yet Soft!
Hello Ladies, my best results came from applying the product to my damp hair and a good bit as to feel the silky slip to the hair, then blow dry, halfway dry on low or warm setting. Now, add a heat protectant and some type of serum or hair oil because things can get a little too dry and frizz will start to set in. I can blow dry my hair completely straight, with lots of body and bounce (I just use a round hair brush blow dryer...set on low...no flat iron needed on my curly mixed hair which is less heat damage for my locks). Wow, what body and shiny! I love this stuff because I can actually feel the strength in my hair or tinsel change to a stronger feel, yet very soft. Oh, my hair dried very quickly with this gel in it and the low setting was used for the entire time (this helps keeps the frizz at bay). Love this!!!
Hair Pro
Sep 5, 2011
5 Star Rating
All Shiny With No Residue
the frizz hold is flexible, not stiff and lasts. the diamonds create a clear refractive light in the sun like wearing super small crystal prisms all over your head. what makes this product special is that it does not leave a crunchy residue like gels, or a slippery residue like silicone gloss, or a greasy residue like oil based frizz control. It works great on synthetic hair, too. i tried it on sale after searching online. it's a winner.
May 12, 2011
2 Star Rating
Not What I Expected
This did not give my hair the shine I was looking for. Simple serum works better than this. Not recommended.
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