Terax Crema Ultra Moisturizing Daily Conditioner

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Terax Crema Daily Conditioner is a luxurious conditioner, scented with rice flower, shea, bergamot and juniper is the ultimate way to revitalize stressed hair, and the cult favorite among professional hairdressers.


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Aug 15, 2011
4 Star Rating
Best Daily Conditoner
This made my hair so soft! I absolutely love it. The only reason it got a 4 out of 5 stars was because I wasn't crazy about the smell and you don't get very much for what you buy. However if you are looking for a great everyday, this is perfect!
Jul 25, 2011
5 Star Rating
In Love!
I have thick, coarse, sometimes curly brown hair and nothing has ever REALLY gotten all my tangles out with out weighing it down...this product is so incredible and totally worth it! Love this conditioner!
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San Juan, PR
May 23, 2011
5 Star Rating
Wow Soft Silky Hair On Forst Try
I bought this product with Rosebud143 from Youtube suggestion and i am loving it. I recently highlitghted my hair and it really keeps it soft and manageble without making it oily and i have intensly oily hair combined with dry-ed out strands from highlighting...so im in love. I use it in combo with the Macademia shampoo and its a power couple. Also sugestions from Resebud143.
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Apr 14, 2011
5 Star Rating
Best Conditioner Ever [enter Additional Superlatives]
I have very long, relatively thick, dirty blond hair that I highlight regularly. My ideal product thus: 1. treats damaged split ends and dryness; and, 2. detangles my very long locks; and, 3. doesn't make my scalp greasy. I am a hair person and thus spend a large percentage of my budget on it. I've tried the most expensive conditioners I could find-- from Moroccan Oil to several different kinds of Kerastase, Pureology, Rene Furterer, Phyto, Alterna, Fekkai, Kiehl's, Aveda, Bumble, and pretty much every other conditioner ever. After every venture, however, I return to Terax Original Crema. It is the very best. A few years ago, they finally changed the formula and now the scent is not offensive (it used to be). But for the record-- even when it smelled nasty, it was worth it. Terax Original Crema= very best conditioner ever. Buy it. You won't regret it.
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South Florida
Jan 8, 2011
5 Star Rating
If You're Trying To Grow Stronger, Longer, More Healthy, Lustrous, Hair - This Is Your Holy Grail!
I've never been able to grow my soft, fine textured, curly (3b) hair past the tops of my shoulders due to excessive dryness, breakage and/or split ends wicking up the shaft and the requisite haircuts to remove these dried up, unhealthy looking ends. Over the years I've tried every kind topical deep treatment, daily treatment, leave-in treatment as well as ingesting all sorts of vitamins, oils and elixirs from salons, drugstores, grocery shelves and my kitchen cabinets! Even "dusting" the ends every couple weeks to stay ahead of heat damage and dryness didn't help.

In my never-ending search for products that would TRULY strengthen, protect and nourish my hair I learned about Terax Crema on a website for long-haired enthusiasts. I noticed how many girls were raving about Crema, swearing by it's benefits and attributing their long locks to their allegiance to Terax Crema and swooning over its scent. I was intrigued. I found a great deal on a travel set that contained Terax shampoo, Crema and Life Drops and I quickly purchased it. That was the beginning of Ocober 2010. From the first use I was amazed at the difference in my hair's texture. From roots to ends, my hair had slip, it felt so even and smooth. All the "crunchiness" of my ends, even when wet, was GONE! When I dried my hair it was soft and smooth with loads of body and movement - it was not weighed down and greasy at all! My ends looked and felt healthier, like they do when you get a haircut and the blunt ends look and feel thicker. That's how my hair has been since using Crema and perhaps even better, my hair has FINALLY grown past the top of my shoulders!! It's January 2011 now, I've been using this stuff daily for three months and my boyfriend and close friends have all commented on how long my hair is getting!!! The extra length is even noticeable wearing my hair curly which is even more unusual since my hair shrinks so much when I air-dry it.

The only concern I had with Crema was the somewhat unpleasant scent. I noticed immediately upon first use, an odd underlying scent that was strangely unpleasant but mixed with a pleasant scent. I wondered what scent all those girls were swooning over, I was concerned it would be a turn off using the product regularly but believe it or not, I don't know if I've gotten used to the scent or what, but I actually love the scent left in my hair after it's dried and this fresh scent stays in my hair for days, even though I only wash my hair every two or three days. I've gotten numerous compliments on my hair's healthy look, the scent and of course its new length. I love this stuff. Definitely worth a try. Don't let the comments about it's unusual scent keep you from trying this product if your hair is badly damaged and needs some serious help. This IS the Holy Grail of hair care.
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Dec 20, 2010
1 Star Rating
Made From Lard And Makes Hair Smell Like Ground Beef
Not tested on animals but MADE from them. This is deceptive because it implies it is animal friendly when it is in fact made from COW AND PIG FAT. Why???? Hydrogenated tallows can come from vegetables with the same results. Instead they use LARD because it is cheap. This is essentially a processed version of the stuff you buy on the bottom shelf at the grocer by the 5 lb block for $3. They then charge you $22 for a little tube or $50 for a pump. If you aren't a vegetarian or animal lover like that you may still have a problem with it because underneath that bergamot and juniper that they use to disguise it lurks an icky smell. It may smell ok when you are in the shower but If you don't wash your hair every day it starts to smell like rancid lard or body odor because the lard is going rancid. I won't trade soft hair for my husband not being able to bury his face in it. GROSS.
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Priyanka K.
Oct 19, 2010
5 Star Rating
Absolutely Brilliant!
It REALLY Works! I was skeptical at first, thought it was a marketing gimmick & believe me... I have tried everything including pureology & this is really the BEST conditioner ever!
I have medium long, wavy,thick & coarse highlighted, colored, brittle , over processed hair & this made my hair so silky... I can't believe its my hair! Even the ends feel moisturized...
BTW the longer u leave it in the better it is & a little really goes a long way... found the smell a little funky coz it apparently has tallow but rinses out pretty well... & works wonders for my hair. Worth every penny! Go get it girls... you hair will thank you!
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Atlanta, GA USA
Jan 31, 2010
5 Star Rating
Good For Coarse And Color Treated Hair
Between the natural texture of my hair, my age (40+) and the fact that I have been highlighting, lowlighting and coloring my hair for years, it needs a lot of tender care. This is the best in-shower treatment I have found so far. It keeps my hair soft and reduces frizziness and fullness.
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Dec 6, 2009
5 Star Rating
Excellent Conditioner
This is an excellent choice for fine or unruly hair. A little goes a long way and this product is well worth the price. The only down-side to me is the odor, but it doesn't last. It rinses out so well and you can maximize the results by using the entire product line (shampoos, styling gel).
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New York, Ny
Apr 23, 2009
5 Star Rating
Amazing Product!
I am a black woman with relaxed hair. There had been a point where my hair was not responding to any sort of conditioner. I bought expensive products and cheap products. I had tried it all. Because the conditioners were not working, I had a huge amount of hairloss when I washed my hair. One day I broke down and was so upset because of the hairloss. I ended up calling my friend in tears. She referred me to this hairstylist who does the hair of celebrities. He put me on to Terax. When he put it in my hair it was like silk. It instantly detangled and conditioned my hair. My hair had almost felt like its texture changed to be very silky. He was able to comb through it without any hair falling out. I could not believe it. I have been using Terax conditioner for 2 years now, and I had minimal hair loss when I wash my hair- just the normal amount af strands come out. Otherwise, Terax basically saved me rom loosing all of my hair. I dont know what special ingredient is in this product but it truly works. My borfriend is east indian and has very curly hair. He uses this product as well, and it leaves his hair very silky and shiny. So, its good for all hair textures except fine hair. It may be too rich for fine hair. Anyway...its an excellent product.
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