Ted Gibson Individual Color Conditioner

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Ted Gibson Individual Color Conditioner deposits temporary hair color and intensive moisturizers to enhance color treated hair.


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Elizabeth R.
Feb 4, 2012
5 Star Rating
Omg Buy It
I loveeeee this product after o ly using it once and being very skeptical. I used to use Artec marigold but they discontinued it and I have been upset about that till today. No residue, my hair is soft and shinny and my naturally strawberry blonde hair just got a boost of life! Buy it now!!!
Washington State
Jan 25, 2012
5 Star Rating
Captivating Copper...wow!!
My salon used to carry a professional line of color conditioners that were great especially for maintaining red highlights as red colors fade worse than any other color. Unfortunately the line was discontinued. I went on a search for a replacement product and bought several which were horrible at best then I found Ted Gibson captivating copper! It is amazing stuff and actually much better than the one I used to buy at the salon. My stylist loves that my red highlights look better than ever before and of course I told her about Ted Gibson captivating copper. The trick with this is what i have always done with the other colored condition from the salon and what my stylist recommends: Mix the colored conditioner with your regular conditioner at least 1/2 and 1/2 or for less color a smaller amount. Color conditioners are not the best for conditioning but rather to impart color. This one is super pigmented so will impart plenty of color when mixed with conditioner. One word of caution: Don't let spills sit on your shower or it will be difficult to remove the stain.
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Nancy Lentz
North Carolina
Jun 10, 2009
5 Star Rating
Great Conditioner
I have used one bottle of the Gold Conditioner and I LOVE it. Im getting ready to order another bottle. Best ever for me....
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Akron, OH
May 26, 2009
4 Star Rating
Like It!
Im now in my second bottle of the brown shampoo and conditioner. I like how it beefs up my natural color, and makes my beginning gray look more like highlights. Definitely worth a try!
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Ny, Ny
Jan 31, 2008
1 Star Rating
I Did Not Like This Conditioner
I found this conditioner to be a total waste of money.it was very expensive and made my hair flat and lifeless. It did nothing to the color except make it more red than brown.The price was ridiculous for what it was.
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Jan 23, 2008
3 Star Rating
Ted Gibson Color Conditioner
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