Rejuvenol Brazilian Keratin After Treatment Conditioner

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Rejuvenol Keratin After Treatment Conditioner is formulated to work with a Brazilian Keratin Treatment.


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Momma D
Jul 25, 2012
1 Star Rating
Like Elmer's Glue In Your Hair
I had the rejuvenol keratin treatment done so I decided to use the after care products to maintain it despite the fact that they are super expensive. The conditioner is horrible. I followed the instructions by using just a small amount. I could feel how it coated my hair and it felt "yucky" from the very start. I felt like it never rinsed all the way out. It was on my hair like glue. When styling my hair I could barely get the brush to move thru my hair. After finally getting it dried my hair was nice and straight and frizz free but when I touched it, it felt weighed down and felt waxy. After a short amount of time it started to feel tangled. I had to constantly brush it to keep it smooth. I am disgusted that I paid so much money for such a horrible product.
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Mar 21, 2011
5 Star Rating
You've Sold Me!
In December, a popular Austin hair stylist/professional cut my hair and told me about Rejuvenol products. My hair at the time was so badly damaged - dry, breaking and falling out! Unfortunately, upon returning to Atlanta I could not find the specific products she recommended, even after searching a number of beauty and retail stores. That's when I went on line and discovered FOLICA. Not only do I LOVE the Rejuvenol products (Keratin After Treatment Shampoo & Conditioner and the Rejuvenol All In One Hair Therapy Spray), but the service from Folica is super. Just after the first shampoo treatment, I noticed a huge difference in the texture and shine of my hair. I now order all my Rejuvenol products online (or over the phone) and within two days I receive them. My hair? The results are better than hoped for - my hair looks good and feels great. So thanks to my Austin hair professional friend - to Rejuvenol - and to Folica. Such a winning combination!
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Donna B.
Folsom, Louisiana
Sep 8, 2010
3 Star Rating
Rejuvenol Conditioner Protects Color Treated Hair
The Rejuvenol Brazilian Keratin After Treatment Conditioner has helped protect my color treated hair over the past 3 weeks of use. I did not see any of the normal residue (from hair color) in the wash bowl after washing my hair. The product has helped to reduce the frizzy quality my colored hair has a tendency to have in the high humidity of Louisiana. I did not find that it added much shine. The conditioner is a bit heavy for my thick, oily hair. I did however give it to someone else to try. She has lighter, finer, colored hair and she will continue to use the rest of the bottle. It made her lighter, dry hair shinny and manageable.

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Jil B.
Aug 30, 2010
5 Star Rating
Sulfate-free And Luxurious
I have been using the Rejuvenol condition and shampoo for about 10 weeks now. I will NEVER go back to sulfate products again! The conditioner and shampoo are really divine on your hair especially if its color-treated and you've had the Keratin protein relaxant. My color is lasting so much longer and my hair is continuing to remain silky smooth and easily straightened with fast blow dry. Both products are very creamy and luxurious. I like the scent of the Rejuvenol products too. This is a must-have if you have chemically treated hair!
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