Pureology Super Smooth Conditioner

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Pureology Super Smooth Conditioner smoothes and replenishes unruly hair, while intensifying natural shine and protecting colour vibrancy.


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Camille B C.
Jul 11, 2013
4 Star Rating
Curly Thick Hair
I use to use Pureology until a girlfriend recommended Shielo Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner.. I have been using it for a little over a month now and LOVE SHIELO.. I also bought the Leave in Protectant that I have yet to use. I have what I personally call-THICK AND NAPPY hair and Shielo tames the inner Don King in me. Doesn't leave build up, de-tangles the "NAP" and leaves my hair smelling great..
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Jenifer N.
Mar 26, 2012
5 Star Rating
My Hair Feels Like It Did When I Was In My 20's.
As any women over 40 or getting close can tell you weird stuff starts to happen, can't see up close, can't lose weight, acne and finally frizzy hair. I'm not sure when it happened my natural color turned to dishwater blond and my natural curls have turned to frizz. So I went to my wonderful and really expensive hair dresser to have the usual cut and color and when she went to wash my hair she said that they just got a new shampoo and conditioner and that is smelled great. So she wash's and boy is she right it smelled incredible but then she put the conditioner in and ran it through my hair and within one minuet she could run her fingers through it with no problem, I was amazed. So she styled as usual and of course it looked great but that only last's one day and would go back to frizzy and unmanageable. So she gave me samples of the super smooth shampoo and cond. When I used the products on my hair at home and was amazed again that it smelled great but was so smooth and tangle free, my hair is long and very fine so is also easily weighted down and tangled but now it is soooo easy to style I cant believe my hair feels this good after a color and after blow drying. This product is worth the money, I cant wait to wash my hair and blow dry.....wow cant believe I just said that!
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Nicole J.
Dec 25, 2011
5 Star Rating
The Single Best Conditioner I've Ever Used.
I have hair prone to frizz that's been chemically treated and over-ironed for years. I iron my hair 2 times or more a week, and when I attempt to wear it curly it's always unruly. After trying It's a Ten, Cibu, Mixed Chicks, and countless other conditioners, I've finally found what works: Pureology Supersmooth. I've also tried Pureology Hydration, which honestly was not as effective. When I straighten my hair after using this product it feels silky and healthy; when I wear it curly the frizz is minimal. I'm also half African-American, and even though Pureology doesn't usually market their products for black hair, I encourage women of color to try it!
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