Matrix Sleek Look Smoothing System Conditioner

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Matrix Sleek Look Smoothing System Conditioner lets you smooth curls, tame frizz, blow-dry hair straight. Get hair sensuously sleek!


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Apr 25, 2013
4 Star Rating
It Delivers
I'm half black and half Asian, so I have very long, very thick, course black hair. I have tried many different products, and most of them don't do anything for me because my hair is so resistant, but I actually noticed a difference with this one. I used it for a while a couple years ago, and I liked the way it made my hair feel, but I eventually switched to a cheaper brand. At the time, I didn't really notice a huge difference, but now that I haven't been using it for almost a year, I can see the difference in my hair. It is much frizzier and harder to manage than it had been when I was using this product. I hope to switch back soon. My only complaint was the price.
Rachel <3
Dec 29, 2011
5 Star Rating
I Love It I Really Think U Would 2
I i got this about a week ago and i was like $18 but i got the sampoo and conditioner.
i used it and my hair was so soft and so smooth but i thought the product was 2 much money so idk if i will buy it angin. btw my hair i brown and very very thick
Cat B.
Mar 26, 2011
4 Star Rating
Does Make Hair Shine
I am asian. I have used this product for a long time before, I loved the way it made my hair sleek and shinny, I had many compliments when I used this, it seem to made my hair feel thinner... The only problem i had was I would get itchy scalp everyday, I couldnt figure out why...Once i stopped using it my itchy scalp went away. I may be sensitive to this product, although it made my hair really healthy looking.
Nov 22, 2010
3 Star Rating
Not What I Expected...
I decided I needed to try out a "high-end" salon brand conditioner. My hair is medium-thickness and curly, so I needed something to tame it a little and make it more soft, smooth, etc. This didn't deliver at all. I didn't notice any difference, and was definitely disappointed. I was better off using my Garnier Fructis Length & Strength Conditioner. It at least made my hair stronger and smoother, like it guarantees.
Sep 9, 2009
3 Star Rating
It Was Okay...
Well i got this entire line as a gift from my hair stylist and i was really excited. I thought that if she would give it to me, then it must be FANTASTIC right??? but sadly i was dissapointed. It did make my hair smoother and softer but if you use this line and go running.... well just dont do that. I went out for a jog and my hair smelled AWFUL! I didn't even sweat much. My hair was hardly wet from sweat. I walked by my friend and she almost hurled. And i promise you that my hair does not smell that bad on regular occasions >_< the product is good though so i'm not trying to bash on the result
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Apr 10, 2009
5 Star Rating
Nothing Will Make Your Hair Smoother
I saw that the shampoo got so-so reviews, but I have been using the sleek look shampoo and conditioner for years now, and theres no change with how well it works. I have fine-medium curly hair and I wear my hair straight, curly, and wavy and it works great with all hair styles. I think its very important with the shampoo to use the conditioner. The conditioner is the most amazing hair product and will completely take out any knots, making your hair silky and smooth.
5 out of 5 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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