Jonathan Product Green Rootine Nourishing Conditioner

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Jonathan Product Green Rootine Nourishing Conditioner is an all-natural formulation that thoroughly conditions and nourishes the hair for a silky texture, shiny appearance and perfect manageability.


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Philadelphia, PA
Feb 22, 2012
3 Star Rating
Good Product, But A Couple Of Hurdles
I have natural, type 4 hair. I recently decided to go silicone free, and in my quest to find silicone free conditoners, I stumbled across this "green" line, and decided to give it a try.

I was so excited to try it, first thing I did I was slather it on my dry hair, to use as a leave in. It turned out to be a little too sticky for that purpose, but even more offensive was the smell. Now believe me, I love natural scents, love aromatherapy/essential oils, I'm all for it, I prefer it, I look out for it. But this really pushed my limits - it smells of spearmint, which is fine, but then there's this...more earthy smell that I struggled to get past. Perhaps it's the cumin listed in the ingredients, I'm not sure, but I felt very self conscious all day.

Next time I used it as a proper conditioner. It was fine, created slippage, but honestly just about anything silicone free is fine for my hair. The smell is much more tolerable if you wash the conditoner out, but it still does linger a bit. Even with other products on top of it, during the week I could still catch a whiff of the smell.

If you're adventurous, I say try it, the ingredients are all good things for your hair, no parabens, nothing your hair will hate, but others may hate you around them (my husband hated the smell). I say it's a medium moisterizing conditioner for type 4 - not very heavy, but not too light either. The price is another hurdle to overcome too - this isn't a large bottle at all. If you dislike natural scents, or are more used to synthetic fragrances, you will likely be quite turned off by the scent alone.

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