Hair Rules Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner

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hair rules Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner is a deep conditioner for all hair types.


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South Carolina
Jan 10, 2012
2 Star Rating
Not Worth The Money
I have course, curly, colored treated hair. I thought that this conditioner was okay, but not for the price. I did not think that the results were any different than any other ordinary conditioner. The smell was pleasant, but I will not be purchasing this product again.
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Juanita R.
Mar 10, 2011
4 Star Rating
Definitely Delivers
I have used this product for a month now. This is a great product for my hair. My hair is much more manageable and feels soft while wet and while dry. If you have a keen sense of smell like me, at first, the scent may be a bit strong. I would like to point out though, that the scent smells good.

I would describe this product as a very creamy heavy lotion for the hair. It definitely helped to detangle my hair and made it very easy to comb through in the shower. This product is very nourishing too.

My "people" hair type includes a mixture of Black, Hatian, Cherokee American Indian and (French & Spanish). I have a lotta lotta lotta of very fine curly, easily tangled hair. Some people mistake my hair as being thick and coarse, but when I seperate a single strand of hair away from the rest, it is evident that its not. Also, contrary to popular belief I have realized that my hair is very fragile. My hair gets dry very easily and performs best when its wet.
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Jun 24, 2010
5 Star Rating
Best Conditoner I Have Used.
As my title says, this is the best conditioner I have used, my hair is very long and naturally straight, although my hair is neither wavy, curly or kinky it is fairly fine and tangles badly. It is also very dry and brittle, I have horrible split ends (even days after getting it cut); It breaks constantly and has been like this for years. At the same time my hair is also very oily, so I use the Grapefruit & Aloe shampoo which cleanses beautifully (I haven't tried the cleansing cream, because I have tried other cleansing creams and I find that they do not remove the oils effectively enough for greasy hair. After cleansing I work in some of the Quench conditioner and pin my hair up while in the shower and then rinse it right before getting out of the shower. Since I have started this routine about 4 months ago, my hair has been beautifully soft. It hasn't helped with the split ends or breakage so much, but I don't imagine anything ever will. Anyway like I said my hair is now really soft and no longer feels like straw. Definitely some of the best products I have used. Also my hair is colored (natural organic hena) and these products do not interact with, strip or dull the color at all.
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Mar 2, 2010
3 Star Rating
Good Conditioner
3.0 out of 5 stars Good Conditioner, February 23, 2010 By C. Sheffield - See all my reviews (REAL NAME) I just used the Hair Rules No Suds Shampoo and Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner for the 1st time yesterday. I have curly/kinky thick shoulder length hair. I am about 10 months into transitioning from a relaxer back to my naturally curly hair. I've read a lot of books on natural hair care, as well as read the reviews of Hair Rules Products online and watched some of the videos on YouTube, and figured I give Hair Rules a try. I purchased the Hair Rules Travel pack (which comes with 5 of the products to try, I wanted to try the whole line to see its effect on my hair). I put the conditioner on and sat under a bonnet type hair dryer for 20 minutes (as I wanted a good deep condition). The product has a nice fragrance, not too strong or overpowering, but clean and subtle. Since I have curly/kinky thick hair, my hair craves and needs lots of moisture. So the conditioners I use have to be extra nourishing and rich. I didn't feel like this was as rich of a conditioner as I need. The substance could have been a little more substantial and creamy. Generally when I put conditioner on my hair, and sit under the dryer (with a plastic cap), the conditioner heats up nicely, and it still feels very rich and thick when you're ready to wash it out. However, in my experience with the Hair Rules Quench conditioner, after I came from under the dry, the conditioner seemed to have disappeared, and my hair seemed to be starting to dry out. After using both the shampoo and conditioner, my hair was clean, soft and manageable. Overall I like this product and may purchase it again, as it seems to work good on my hair, but I will try some other brands first (like Miss Jessie's) before purchasing. I may even go to the Hair Rules salon in The City, to experience their hair care products and expertise first hand (though this is a pricey option).
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