Frederick Benjamin Invigorating Cleanser Conditioner 8 oz

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
Frederick Benjamin Invigorating Cleanser Conditioner replenishes moisture to restore softness and elasticity.


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Lara S.
Oct 25, 2012
3 Star Rating
Good Product, But For $12 Id Rather Buy Redken Extreme
When I received this product, first of all it came in a box about three times too big, with nothing inside to protect it, after FedEx failing to deliver it four days in a row, when I finally got it, the shampoo had leaked inside the box. If I were rating just on shipping itd get a big fat 0. Once I tried it I got over the initial anger of delivery. The shampoo has a convenient pump, I love when bottles have pumps. I honestly wasnt thrilled with the product at first, the minty tingling feeling was weird to me at first, it felt like I was washing my hair with tooth paste. The more I used it to more I kind of didnt mind as much, using it in the morning sort of helps wake you up. The conditioner isnt the best, it doesnt leave my hair amazingly soft..All in all, if it was a little cheaper I migh tbuy again, but for the price Ill stick to my favorite, Redken Extreme.
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